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Librarium Online - Warhammer 40k & Warhammer Fantasy Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Titles and Ranks

A title is granted based upon post count and is effective across all usergroups. Most members can customize titles by accessing their User Control Panel.

A rank is a secondary title and is granted primarily based upon your position with a certain usergroup. Be aware, not all usergroups have ranks. A rank is usually, but not always, represented by an icon.

Junior Member - 0+ Posts
Member - 25+ Posts
Senior Member - 250+ Posts
LO Zealot - 1000+ Posts
Son of LO - 2000+ Posts

Ranks show your designation within a particular usergroup. Some of these usergroups are invitation only (such as the Moderators group), while others are public and avaliable for anyone to join (such as the LO Chat Group or Social Groups). You can join public groups by accessing your User CP.

- Any member of the Forum Administrators Group
- Any member of the Forum Supervisors Group
- Any member of the Forum SuperMod Group
- Any member of the Forum Moderators Group
- An LO Subscriber
- A member of the Veterans group

Members with multiple ranks will have their main rank icon displayed and bars for the other groups.

Reputation System

What is Reputation?
Reputation is a means by which members of the forum can give credit to good posts.

Each user has a reputation level which can be modified to give positive effects.

Default Reputation Level
Each user starts with a default reputation level of +1.

Who Can Give reputation?
All Usergroups can currently leave reputation points.

Reputation Power
Reputation power is the factor by which you can effect other users' reputation. This factor is added to the reputation of any user you give reputation to. Reputation power is currently maxed out to 8.

I.e. If you have a reputation power of 4, when you add reputation you +4 to that user.

Reputation Power Calculations
"So, how is reputation power calculated?" I hear you cry!

Rep power is based upon a series of calculations:

+1 power for every 500 posts you have
+1 power for every 100 reputation points you have.

Reputation Meter
Reputation is displayed in 2 main ways:

You can view your own numerical reputation value by clicking on the "add reputation" icon for your own posts.

Other members reputation is displayed as a series of coloured squares, with the more squares you have denoting a higher ranking.

Red = Bad Rep
Blue = Neutral Rep
Green = Good Rep

Holding your mouse cursor over these squares will display the users reputation title.

Reputation Benefits
People value your input and time on the boards. It's that warm-fuzzy feeling.

Users can only give ten reputation marks per 24 hours peroid.

Users can not repeatedly give the same user reptuation within a certain timeframe. The system has a failsafe mehod to ensure that reputation marks are given out evenly across the board.

Unacceptable Use of Reputation
It is not acceptable to "beg" for reputation via PM's to other users. Anyone we find doing this will simply have their reputation reset to "-5". It is also not acceptable to form a group with a circle of friends and continuly rep each other for the purpose of increasing your collective rep counters. Users found doing this will also have their rep set to -5 and be subject to additional actions as determined by the moderating team.

Veteran Status

A Veteran Member is a rank attainable by being a member of the forum for a year or more and either having 500 rep points or 700 posts. This designation should happen automatically, but if it doesn't, post in the Site Feedback and Support Forum.

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