A Harold of The End Times!

So me and a buddy are playing a game of fantasy end times. Only doing 3k points so just going to be doing basic rulebook magic. The high elf player suggested to the lizardman player that +1 to hit at close range would be a cool end times mechanic. My brain calls it Iron Determination.

My High Elf Army led by MALEKITH the Eternity King dundundun 3000

Malekith 1k

Mage lvl 2 Hm Scroll
Mage lvl 2 HM

Seaguard X 30 7/4
Seaguard X 30 7/4

White Lions X 28 7/4 disc banner

Sword Masters X 30 7/4 gp

Eagles X 3 Swiftsense (1 unit)

I dont think you guys have really been doing end times. On the complete opposite note I play friendly games and will be comping my end times cheese personally. So Im taking Malekith, hes really freaking op. I am not giving my entire HE army Murderous Prowess that they automatically get for being an Army of The Eternity King. (for free.) I am also not going to proxy a 50 man block of witch elves with the cauldron of blood. (Which if I was a man in money...)

So for the random shooting thing. I've always thought that the way to balance shooting, or to par it for everyone, was to make it +1 to hit close range and -1 to hit long range. Instead of a flat penalty for everyone give bonuses to the archers ready to man the battle line. ie the dwarf heavily armored s5 ranged unit, our spears + bows unit. reg stuff not woodies or gunlines.

When Seaguard arnt hitting on 5's but 3's.... s3 isnt as much of a nightmare. and Yay me actually having a spear+bow and wanting to be on the front line is both plausable and even effective! I'm core and I'm doing stuff!

Plus a lvl 2 HM in each block will be huge boost because of synergy (ward) and either magic missiles or a good HM spell or two.

White Lions running around killing stuff, Sword Masters running around killing stuff.

A fun squad of eagles that gets to ruin somebody's day. PLaying lizardmen so probably his razordons or salamanders. or his 30+skinks that will be running, double tapping poison and hitting on 4's. probably dont want to face a stand and shoot from any of that shit...

So Malekith.....
Any friendly unit within 12 inches that has the martial prowess special rule get to fight in 1 extra rank than normal, cumulative. Normally I would have two units of 40 running around getting max attacks, now im using 28-30 per unit and getting 4 ranks of 7 wide, and change. So I get to be & wide with the same advantages of being 10 wide. Because I'm within 12 inches of Malekith. Having a 1000 point model in Malekith im really excited that my smaller units are staying just as effective, plus get to be narrower.

Army of the Eternity King, that I'm playing says that every model with Martial prowess Automatically gains murderous prowess, for free, because end tiems. I am refusing that buff. I figure just taking Malekith without using murderous prowess on my HE's would be the less broken approach. If I was that guy... Having Malekith would allow all AotEK (me) to reroll all failed to hit rolls, not just the 1's murderous prowess mormally grants. Within 12 inches of Malekith.

End Times Woot Woot!