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    loremaster, archmage...both?

    Which option do you like? I pretty much only take the loremaster. his 8 spells, CC power, and ability to take magic armor seem great to me.
    I totally see the power of bringing a lv4, especially in an army that needs its magic, but Ive found it hard to keep him alive.

    I don't play big enough games to take both but if you can keep them alive you have 13-14 spells at your disposal. Though you prob won't have enough dice for even 6.

    So what wizard do you take, where do you put them, what do you give them, and with this End Times change of the lords capacity going to 50%, would you take both?

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    Duel loremasters. The fact I can double up on 8 spells is amazing. Just too much good stuff to say!!
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    I always take a L4, and that's usually it for my Lords. High Elves aren't an army to go above 25% anyways, because our Character choices don't really give us anything except for magic.

    My biggest issue with the Loremaster is that people think that they're going to toss a whole bunch of "flak" spells to burn enemy dispel dice, then throw the spell they really want. The problem is that you are still limited to an average of 7 casting dice, and if you roll less than a 3 on your dice, the spell fails and then you're done casting. It makes single-die casts incredibly risky, and double-die casting will only get you 3 spells off anyways.
    The other big problem with that strategy is that, on average, you need +1D6 per attempt just to overcome the extra +2 that a L4 will get to their Dispelling Attempt. Think about it:
    2D6+2 to cast = 9
    2D6+4 to dispel = 11
    3D6+2 to cast = 12.5

    Usually what you end up with is a whole bunch of minor chaffy spells going like Fireballs and the like, which your opponent probably won't bother to stop, because he knows that you're really looking to push through that one spell that wins you the phase. Once you burn yourself down to his Dispel Dice pool -1, he can start stopping whatever you throw at him, simply by tossing an equal number of dice and using his +4. Your big spell won't go through.
    With every cast, you're risking blowing yourself to pieces on a Miscast. This not only doesn't burn dispel dice (because he can't stop it anyways), but it also has the chance to remove your casting dice, or just kill you altogether.
    "Chaff Casting" is bad in 8th. The penalties for failure are just way too high. It's better to pick the spell that you want to use, and throw enough dice at it to force it through - either miscasting or just rolling stupidly high. Obviously, it's important to make sure that the spell is worth potentially blowing your Wizard up for.
    Normally, I cast my biggest spells first, and then if I have any dice left over, start chaff-casting a few extra little buffs or damage around. If I need to cast "Mind Razor", I don't risk blowing my chance by flubbing "Pendulum".

    If you're taking a Loremaster, make sure that you have a way to stop or absorb spells. A Dispel Scroll can be good - but it's not what people think that it is. If your opponent really needs a spell to go off, he's going to chance an Irresistible Force, so that you can't stop it. If you've got a scroll, you're hoping that he gets a roll like 6,5,5,5,5,5+4, and you can just blast him with the scroll and shut down the rest of his phase, since you now have more DD than he's got PD.
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