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    Ultramarines 1500

    Hi all,

    Been having a blast with my Tyranids over the last few weeks at my games club! I will primarily be playing Nid's for the foreseeable, though it might be nice to play something different once in a while, and Ultramarines couldn't be any different.


    Captain in Terminator Armour; Combiplasma; Thunder Hammer; The Sanctic Halo; 141
    Warlord Trait; Storm of Fire


    5 Terminators; Powerfists; Stormbolters; Cyclone Missile Launcher; Power Sword; 240

    Ironclad Dreadnought; Chainfist; 2x Heavy Flamer; Assault Launchers; Smoke Launchers; 170

    Ironclad Dreadnought; Chainfist; 2x Heavy Flamer; Assault Launchers; Smoke Launchers; 170

    Contemptor Dreadnought; Multi Melta; Heavy Flamer; 182

    Outrider Detachment


    Librarian; Bike; Force Stave; 113
    Psychic Powers; Might of Heroes; Veil of Time


    5 Bikes; 2x Grav Gun; Combi Grav; Chainswords; 172

    2 Attack Bikes; Multi Melta; 124

    5 Assault; 3x Plasma Pistol; 86

    Razorback; Twin Assault Cannon; Storm Bolter; 102


    The idea is to have the Captain teleport with the Termies, with his re-roll buff and his warlord trait they'll put out a lot of hurt. If they get in CC they can retreat and still shoot, and will try and get might of heroes/veil of time on him/them for extra fun.

    The Ironclads will run up the board to support them, these guys are also good targets for the libbys powers. Once again, if they get in CC these guys can retreat, shoot both h. flamers then if they get assaulted, shoot both h. flamers again.

    The libby will go with the bikes and I'll try and tackle elite infantry/light vehicles with these guys while the attack bikes hunt down tougher targets.

    What do you think?

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