I am building a list to bring to my lgs tournement this month and was looking for some help. I am still new and this will be my first tournement so any tips at all would be useful.

Lords (430pts)

Sarus Oldblood w/ gold sigil sword, light armour, sacred stegadon Helm of Itza, and a sheild on a Carnasour.

Heroes (370 pts)

Sarus Scar-Vet BSB w/ light armour and a sheild

Lvl 2 Skink priest with Cube of Darkness

Lvl 2 Skink priest with dispel scroll

Core (697pts)

23 saurus warriors, musician, and standard bearer

24 saurus warriors, musician and standard bearer

10 skink skirmishers

10 skink skirmishers

Rare (250pts)

Ancient Stegadon w/ blowgun and sharpened horns.

I am thinking I will take beast with the priests.

Thanks for any help.