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    2000 point list first attempt at lizards

    So I've been flipping through the Lizardmen army book for a while now messing around with ideas, especially since 2000 is an average point level to play at.

    This is what I've come up with


    -Channeling staff
    -Iron curse icon (5 points to give temple guard a 6+ ward against war machines, adds some survivability.)
    -Obsidian Amulet (again, boost the temple guard, and it's the same points as unfathomable presence with a guaranteed MR 2, instead of a chance at 1 or 3)
    -Harmonic convergence
    -Focus Mystery
    -Eternal flame banner


    Scar veteran
    -Steg helm
    -Light armour

    (put him in the front rank of the temple guard and let him do some damage)

    Skink Priest
    -Dispel scroll
    -Beasts (just going to cast wyssans with him)

    Core (went bare minimum to throw points elsewhere)
    30 saurus
    -Full command

    10 skink skirmishers

    10 skink skirmishers
    (putting the priest in one of these units for protection)


    30 Temple Guard
    -Full Command

    (debating whether to give them a magic banner)

    -Solar Engine

    (hold a flank and hit units with the engine if it goes off. I'll cast it first as to make my opponent use dispel dice or let me have it)

    I'm debating whether to drop the bastilodon for a normal stegadon, cold one riders, or terradons for chaff and war machine hunting (which the cold ones can do too)

    -divining rod
    (Main purpose: Hold the flank opposite the bastilodon and it's an extra channel dice and can get up the field quick, so I can cast off of it too.)

    Total:1983 (so I have some points to work with, but not much)

    Thoughts? Thanks.

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    Your best bet would be to have the troglodon and bastilodon next to each other just behind the saurus and temple guard, also keep the skink priest within 6" of them so they do not have to run affter fleeing units. the skinks can guard the flanks well on there own having to babysit a priest is going to make them a target and die. I would also go hand weapon and shield for the saurus, spears are better for them now but they work best when the engine of the gods is close. Lords and heroes look fine. Give the list a good solid chance and see how it does.
    I tend to go for monster spam and very heavy on the saurus, but finding what works for you is more important than what works for others.
    Upon wings of iron they fall upon the foe

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