So, myself and another player at the local shop think 3,500p is a bit too much. (We spent about 5 hours playing one game.) Granted, it could have been rough because we both have armies made to grind the opponent and had no artillery or anything, but we will see how it goes at the Tourney this weekend.

Okay, since the fluff of The End Times is that the Lizards are leaving the Old World, I thought I would remove my Slann from the list. What?! Remove my Slann?! What on earth for? Fluff, and to play something so ridiculous, maybe I will win a game.

Okay, the only stipulations are:
Lords=25% with no one choice being more than 600p
Heroes=same as above
Core=25% minimum no cap on points per choice
Special=50%, up to 6 of same choice, no choice more than 700p
Rare=25%, up to 4 duplicates, no choice more than 700p

Okay, so this is what I have:

-Oldblood (general) w/ shield, Armor of Destiny and Crown of Command. He will be in a unit of 49 Saurus with HW and Shield and FC.

-Oldblood w/ cold one, shield, and armor of fortune. He will be in a unit of 6 Cold Ones w/ spears and banner.

-Oldblood w/ cold one, shield, and talisman of endurance. He will be in a unit of 6 cold ones w/ spears and banner.

-Scar-Vet BSB w/ Halberd and Talisman of Preservation. He will be in a unit of 42 Saurus w/ spears and FC.

-Skink Chief w/ Javelins. He will be with 21 Skink Skirmishers w/ Javelins and Shields.

-Skink Chief w/ Blowpipe. He will be with 35 Skink skirmishers w/ Blowpipes.

-Skink Chief w/ shield and Egg of Quango. He will be with 21 Skink skirmishers w/ Javelins and Shields.

-3 Jungle Swarms.

-1 Salamander.

-3 Level 2 Skink Priests--one with a Dispell Scroll.

The 49 Saurus will be in Horde formation, and the Spearmen will be a 7x6 block.

I will either get a high comp score for not having a "competitive" list...OR...everyone is going to see over 100 saurus, a bazillion characters, and too many skinks for their comfort and give me a bunch of 0's on the Comp Score.

I really need some dinosaurs at some point in life!