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    End Times with custom Joined Profiles Battle Line

    I told myself I was going to sit down and paint so naturally I had to write an army list featuring him and then post it.

    So at my store we are doing end times with some custom fab on it. We use joined profiles (for all codex monsters) and this army list is featuring them. How we do it is any ridden mount uses highest toughness and total wounds for one model. Armor save is cumulative and ward save as usual. Attacks stay split with I ws and any special weapons or rules that apply.

    We tried end times magic and liked it, had our own interpretation of it. It was for our previous 5k game and nobody uses it at reg size (2500-3k) This list could be played at either but I had reg magic in mind. (would still take light not wandering deliberations.)

    Slann- Light (choppy choppy)
    Becalming cogitations, soul of stone
    Bsb, plaq of dominion, health pot, endurance talisman 465

    Old Blood-
    stag helm, talisman of pres, G weapon, light armor
    Loping stride, bloodraor 500

    Skink chief - light armor, shield, spear
    -Ancient steg
    sharp horns, unstop stampede

    Skink chief- light armor, shield, spear
    -Ancient steg
    sharp horns, unstop stampede 306e

    Priest scroll Beasts

    Warriors x 25 standard spears
    Warriors x 25 standard spears

    Skirmishers x 20
    skirmishers x 20

    Temple guard x 32 standard


    So obviously all that points are tied into the characters. My perspective is that both the chiefs on stegadons is really just a stat bonus to the stegadon. 2 extra wounds +2 armor and 3 s5 attacks (otc). They shall be used like big scary monsters.

    THE Big scary monster-
    I usually play as HE so get to enjoy much more benefits out of joined profiles than the lizardmen do (t3 no mo) but the Carnosaur gets some pretty huge benefits from it as well. Mostly, you cant kill him from out under the oldblood before he gets to strike.
    Mines toughness 6 with a 1+ 4++, 8 wound Torpedo.
    The hope is to use as a flanker to the Slann buss and maximize off some light spell insanity bubbles. He might try to utilize his bloodraor more or just go charging off to pick a fight.

    Two warrior blocks to act as steadfast and make a couple key blocks for the power units. Ensure that the Stegs get the charge. Hold the line. Maybe catch a Light spell and be awesome for 2 rounds.

    Two twenty block of skinks to act as anti-chaff. Either hold both flanks or screen for steg's. Willing to break into 4 blocks of 10 before deployment for better chaff-anti chaff. Might should be another unit of warriors but hoping for some good utility. poison double tap aint no joke to some end of times beasties hereabouts.

    Temple guard for application of strategy. Chop some gak up. My death star, will be 8 wide for maximized attacks (yes) and maneuverability. Gotta love TG if you like to set up a battle line and have at it. With me raining some light spells on them they can cut through about anything. Almost beat a 40 block of witch elves with cauldron in it but I ran out of dudes first.

    So pre-plan is have a strong center with TG. Blocks of warriors to either side a little ways off. Room between units for scary monsters to jump through. Stegs either flanking for warrior blocks or going off to nuke something. Skinks playin games on the flanks, not getting in the way and trying to do stuff. If antsy will go monster hunting.

    So yeah-pretty straightforward list


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    Why wouldn't you take wondering deliberations?? unless you want to avoid being to cheese?

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