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Also, it would have been nice if skinks could have also had high magic,
It would be nice if every mage, priest, shaman, etc, in the game could use High Magic but that would not make sense storywise. High Magic can be practiced only by the best mages from the best magic using races. I believe that is two, Slann-mage priests and High Elf mages.

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or at least a few more lores to choose from.
I haven't seen the book but from the posts, skinks have picked up at least one, Beasts Lore, and that is an excellent one for the Lizardmen army because of Wysann's Wildform. This frees the Slann to choose another lore.

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You would have thought that serving the greatest casters around would have given the option for a few more lores.
Eric Clapton, Jimmy Paige, and other very talented British guitarists have had roadies serve them by tuning their guitars and doing other tasks before performances. Some of these roadies might have been able to play all the songs, but that doesn't mean they have the ability to perform those songs in front of tens of thousands of people.