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    Here's an easier chart to read:

    Rolling 3 dice and disregarding the highest, the prob to get this leadership value or LOWER:

    2 - 7.41%
    3 - 19.91%
    4 - 35.65%
    5 - 52.31%
    6 - 68.06%
    7 - 80.56%
    8 - 89.35%
    9 - 94.91%
    10 - 98.15%
    11 - 99.54%
    12 - 100%

    In other words, even on an unmodifed Ld of 5, you have over 50% chance you WON'T break. If you are rolling on Ld 8 unmodified, you almost have a 90% chance.

    Cold-Blooded RULES!

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    Hey just thought i would add my workings though the previous poster has kinda beaten me to it. The simplest way to work these out if you aren't a maths genius is to draw a 6 by 6 grid writing in the results of two dice scores added up, this will give you the amount of results and what they show, to give a normal probability you just count the number of scores that are matching or under your LD in the square and thats your probability out of 36 (6 times 6). To be able to work out re-rolls or cold blood you then have to modify this grid, and then work out how if you had an extra dice how many other rolls could you get in each square that would allow you to pass, you add them up and then add the nomal amount you would get time 6. Don't think i explained that well but here it is.

    Result needed Using 2D6----------------Re-roll/coldblood
    2------------------1/36 or 6/216------------2.6*/36 or 16/216
    3------------------3/36 or 18/216-----------7.16*/36 or 43/216
    4------------------6/36 or 36/216-----------12.83*/36 or 77/216
    5 -----------------10/36or 60/216-----------18.83/36 or 113/216
    6------------------15/36or 90/216-----------24.5/36 or 147/216
    7------------------21/36or 126/216---------29/36 or 174/216
    8------------------26/36or 156/216---------32/36 or 192/216
    9------------------30/36or 180/216---------34.16*/36 or 205/216
    10-----------------33/36or 198/216---------35.3* or 212/216

    *means recuring

    I think those figures are roughly right , the re-roll ones seem to correspond between the previous posters percentages so it should be alright.

    If you look the biggest difference in result comes around the middle, so although the rerolls are better you still have a lowish chance if passing at the lower levels and at higher levels its not making as much difference. In answer to first posters question Ld 5 on cold blood is better than Ld 6 but its not as good as Ld 7.

    Hey sorry if it offends the first poster but i just thought i would show what you meant in an easy to access form that normal people can read.
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