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    Campaign Ogres 2250 pts vs Orcs & Goblins

    Hi everyone,

    I have recently started a map based campaign with 5 friends, each with a different army. I play Warriors of Chaos but watched a battle over the weekend between the Ogre Kingdoms player (who is quite new to the game) and Orcs and Goblins. In this battle the ogres really struggled against the orcs and goblins and I wanted to get some advice that I can pass onto the Ogre player. I'm also quite curious about how Ogre players in general would see this.

    The game was a battleline scenario with no major terrain influences. There were a couple of scattered woods, marshes and hills with a relatively open centre. Orcs and Goblins took first turn and advanced with the ogres doing the same. The middle sabretusk went forward to draw out fanatics while the others moved more tentatively up the flanks (trying to avoid being charged by the goblin heroes on wolves).

    Throughout the game the Ogre player was held up by fanatics, manglers, two lone goblin characters on wolves, squig hoppers and a pump wagon while being shot by 2 bolt throwers and 2 doom divers. The doom divers did massive damage against the Mournfang cavalry forcing them to flee on turn 2 and effectively taking them out of the game. The ogre ironguts unit performed well but was tied up for too long fighting a large night goblin unit and also suffered a number of casualties from miscasts (the slaughtermaster died from a dimensional cascade on turn 2), magic and bolt throwers. In the end there simply weren’t enough of these guys to deal with the savage orcs and trolls that the Orc player had left on the board.

    Overall the ogres seemed to be in a tough position from the start where charging too early meant dealing with fanatics and manglers (which would do huge damage to units like the mournfang), whereas delaying a charge meant being shot.

    Admittedly the Orc player was quite lucky in many respects (both doom divers hitting consistently, a couple of good bolts and no animosity) but from my perspective the Orc units and list looked very difficult for the ogres to counter.

    I'm keen to hear how you guys would approach fighting the Orcs and Goblins list (see below) and what you find is effective in countering the small but potentially deadly units in the army - such as fanatics, manglers, doom divers.

    The ogre list consisted of (roughly):

    Lvl 4
    Fencers Blades
    Glittering Scales

    Heavy Armour
    Iron Fist
    Crown of Command
    Warrior Bane

    Dispel Scroll

    12 Ironguts
    Standard of discipline

    4 Leadbelchers

    4 Mournfang

    3 Sabretusks (run individually)



    2250 pts

    The Orcs and Goblins had:

    Savage Orc Warboss
    Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin' (giving this guy 6 str 7 armour piercing attacks in 1st round of combat when combined with the choppas rule and frenzy)
    Glittering Scales
    Potion of Speed

    Savage Orc Great Shaman
    Lvl 3
    Lucky Shrunken Head (providing an enhanced ward to the savage orc unit)

    Orc Big Boss
    Talisman of Preservation
    Charmed Shield
    Light Armour

    Night Goblin Shaman
    Level 2
    Dispel Scroll

    Goblin Big Boss
    Light Armour
    Enchanted Shield

    Goblin Big Boss
    Light Armour
    Shield of Ptolos

    30 Savage Orcs (Savage Orc Boss and Shaman in this unit)
    Additional Hand Weapons
    Full Command

    60 Night Goblins
    Full Command
    3 Fanatics

    2 x Spear Chukkas

    6 River Trolls

    6 Squig Hoppers

    Mangler Squig

    Doom Diver

    Doom Diver

    Snotling Pump Wagon (w/ 2d6 Str 5 ignore armour attacks)

    Happy to provide more detail if that would help!

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