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    2K vs Warriors of Chaos

    right i'm at a point with my army now where its getting beyond a Joke. I'm currently 0-12 to a warriors of chaos army so i need your help with list righting and strategising.

    So what i'm gonna do is list all the stuff i have and between all of us i'm sure we can come up with something that should work well enough.

    2 Tyrants
    1 BSB
    2 Butcher/slaughtermaster
    1 firebelly

    16 ironguts
    16 bulls

    6 maneaters
    4 mournfang
    7 sabretusks
    6 lead belchers

    2 iron blasters
    1 stonehorn
    1 thundertusk

    also advice for what i should be getting for them next

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    Tips from a WoC player:

    Bring sabertusks to redirect our elite Khorne units off the board.

    I'd max out on the ironguts & bulls to smash the infanty.

    Have a Slaughtermaster with Gut Magic and a lvl 1. Butcher with Lore of Beasts.

    Bring both Ironblasters, our DP's, Monsters, and Monstrous Stuff hate those things.


    Keep the lists under 2K to screw up his Daemon Prince.

    Arrange terrain into choke points.

    Deploy sabertusks as far forward as possible to bait Khorne units.

    Blast multi-wound stuff with ironblasters.

    Save your mana for buff spells - exp. the Lore of Beasts signature spell.

    Double charge units and overrun to avoid a direct countercharge.


    “If you’re in the penalty area and don’t know what to do with the ball, put it in the net and we’ll discuss the options later.” – Bob Paisley

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    More advise from a WoC player.

    Bulls. These guys do not scare me one bit. Even when they're made str5/T5 with Wyssans I'm not overly worried about them. Ditch them for more Iron Guts (if you can?). Str6 is scary.

    Lead Blechers. In the games I've played against Ogres (quite a lot) these guys have always under performed. They kill a unit of Dogs and then die horribly to Knights or Monsters. A Sabre tusk can kill a unit of dogs easily enough. save the Lead Belchers for things they can hurt and use the points for other things.

    Thundertusks are more useful than Stone Horns. Striking at Initiative 5 is a Warriors biggest strength. Strip that away from him and the combats will be a lot more painful for him.

    Giants are pretty 'meh' in every army that has them. You could spend the points better. Although having this guy near the thundertusk would be pretty sweet.

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