pretty much a beat down list

Tyrant: Sword Of Bloodshed, armour of fortune, Potion of Speed, Iron Fist 315

Butcher: Lv2 Dispell scroll, Gamblers armour, Iron Fist. 178

Bruiser: BSB Talisman Of presivation, Enchanted Shield, Heavy armour. 190

16 Iron Guts Full command, Dragon Hide Banner. 768

4 Mournfang Cavalry Command Heavy Armour, Iron Fist, Banner of swiftness. 325

4 Mournfang Cavalry Command Heavy armour, Iron Fist, War Banner 315

2 Sabretusks 42

StoneHorn 250


The idea is to smash everything with impact hits one unit at a time. Is it actually going to work?