2000pts Stormcast Eternals - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pts Stormcast Eternals

    I know it has been a while since I last posted but my work has really taken me away from the hobby for quite some time. Since I am now able to start playing again I intend to be a bit more active around there here parts. Anyway, I am entering a local tournament soon and this is the army list I will be taking to a local tournament. It focuses on a solid core of infantry bolstered by a lot of defensive buffs and a hard hitting cavalry element. Let me know what you think.

    2000pts Dawnguard Stormhost.

    Lord Celestant - (WL Trait: Staunch Defender) 100
    Lord Relictor - (Prayer: Divine Light) 100
    Lord Relictor - (Prayer: Abjuration) 100
    Lord Castelant - Lantern of the Termpest (Artifact) 100
    Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger - 240
    Knight Heraldor - 120
    10 Liberators - Warblades, Shields, 2 Grandblades and Liberator Prime. 200
    10 Liberators - Warblades, Shields, 2 Grandblades and Liberator Prime. 200
    5 Judicators - Skybolt bows, Shockbolt bow and Judicator Prime. 160
    6 Prosecutors - Paired Celestial Hammers, Grand Hammer and Prosecutor Prime. 200
    2 Fulminators - Stormstrike Glaives and Claws and Fangs. 240
    2 Fulminators - Stormstrike Glaives and Claws and Fangs. 240
    Celestian Vortex - 40


    A small yet powerful army that is solid in defense and brutal on the offensive. The Lord Celestant, Lord Relictors and Lord Castellant will stay with the Liberators passing on various buffs to make them even better whilst the Judicators and Prosecutors soften up the enemy at range. The Lord Arcanum will move to wherever they are needed on the battlefield, though I mostly intend for them to support the Fulminators by healing them whilst they get to the business of acting as my linebreakers, with the Knight Heraldor ensuring that they get the charge off. Between the Lord Arcanum and the Lord Relictor with the Abjuration prayer I can dispel two spells a turn whilst the other Lord Relictor can the combination of Divine Light and Lightning Storm to wreak havoc on one unlucky unit a turn.

    This list seems to cover all of the bases for a tournament list. Just let me know if you think I can improve it.

    JvK .

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