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    Starting Spyrer Gang

    Malcadon x 2
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    Orrus x 3
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    I'm considering picking up some models from gw as I own a spyrer matriarch well painted that I picked up from a gaming store years back for $1, looking at ebay now I realize just how lucky I was. Anyways, I want to start a spyrer gang and when I've run them in the past (using proxies) I've felt that Malcadon and Orrus are the most effective, Malcadon especially on a terrain dense board as their ability to go up walls adds a lot of maneuverability.

    Well anyways, any thoughts on the list, as simple as it may be, would be appreciated. If your experience has been completley different tell me about it, I so rarely get to play necromunda but when I do I love it.

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    I've had good results in the past with the Malcadons. I haven't tried the Orrus, so I can't really talk too much about them. For me, speed and manueverability were the keys to defeating larger gangs with my Spyrers.
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