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    Redemptionist questions

    I have recently had a burning desire to purge the underhive with righteous fire (and fury) and to fulfill this desire I have decided to start a redemptionist gang. I have been reading through the redemptionist rules found on GW's site and while I am fairly familiar with necromunda core rules, a few specifics about redemptionists themselves are causing me to scratch my head.

    Mostly what confuses me is both mob and crusade require you to maintain balance between crusaders/devotees and priest/deacons/zealots - problem is my interpretation (which could be wrong) means once you have 50:50 you can't actually recruit anymore deacons/zealots as you'll break the balance and that surely can't be right (unless it means saving up and recruiting 2 guys at once)?

    Plus from googling around (which is woeful) people seem not to be taking zealots and a few forum posts have suggested there is a limit (ala heavies I guess) but I cannot see anything in the pdf.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've not played with these rules, but I think you're misreading the balance bit:

    • A Mob must include one Devotee for every Crusader or
    Zealot. If this is not the case then only Devotees may be
    recruited until this ratio is restored.
    • Only half of a Mob may be made up of Crusaders and
    You're allowed to have more Devotees than Crusaders/Zealots, but not vice versa. That first sentence should be read as at least one, not exactly one, if that's where the confusion lies. (Is that the problem, or am I missing something else?) And similarly for Crusades.

    I wouldn't worry too much about what you read elsewhere as they're probably using a different set of rules - there are so many out there...

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    YakTribe Gaming
    best place for necromunda stuff

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