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    'Inquisitorial' Warband

    Ok, I've sat, thought and pondered upon my characters for a few weeks..... The First one written up is a chap called Interrogator Gravier Brask.

    Interrogator Gravier Brask:

    Originally, Gravier Brask, was a local Enforcer-Detective from the world Galathia IV in the Mancora sector. However, during the 'Black Star' uprisings he came to the attention of Inquisitor Herscheimer for his work in uncovering the many hidden cults and sects. Eventually he became a permanent part of Herscheimers warband once the uprisings were put down. Brask served in Herscheimers warband hunting, Interrogating and dispatching the enemies of the Inquisition for 18 years.

    Inquisitor Herscheimer was later tasked with the investigation, and elimination, of Anti-Imperial cults and a surge in gang warfare on the world of Abraxia Primaris which had grown in frequency and brutality over the last few years. Whilst delving into the depths of Hive secondis (Matyrs fall) the warband was ambushed and, ultimately, wiped out by a heavily armed band of Hive gangers.

    Gravier Brask, however, survived. Blasted into a river channel by a missile blast Brask eventually ended up being washed deep into the underhive where his beaten and bloodied body was discovered by a local bounty hunter by the name of Grak (AKA Grak the thick). Grak, not knowing who his captivate was settled to just putting Brask out of his misery and taking his rather fine boots in payment for his generosity. Unfortunately Grak had never come across (or head of) a Digi-weapon and was killed by the semi-concious Brask as he prepared to liberate Brask of his boots.

    Eventually Brask settled on the theory that the gangers had not been at that exact location at that exact time to ambush Herscheimer purely by chance. Suspecting treachery, Brask removed all Inquisitorial insignia and donned Graks clothing, armour and weapons. Brask even went so far as to dress up Graks corpse in his own clothing and wargear and then mutilated his corpse beyond all recognition so that if Graks body was found by any searching gangers they would count him as one of the fallen Inquisitorial Henchmen. In the end, Grak did end up with Brasks boots....

    Trusting none of his old contacts and superiors Brask has kept to the Identity of Grak, A deep-hive bounty hunter, claiming the heads of mutants, scum and other outlaws. Building his strength and investigating any rumours into the elimination of his old warband.

    Chain Sword, Graks Las Pistol* with 2 Reloads

    Whilst heavy and cumbersome to the chain blades issued by the inquisition Brask was glad to have such a heavy close combat weapon at his side again. This particular blade was taken off an outlawed gang leader. Graks Laspistol is an antiquated Laspistol of ancient origin. It packs more of a punch than a modern Las pistol but, due to it's kick, is less accurate.

    *Graks Laspistol
    Pistol, Range E, Mode: Single, Acc -5, Dam 2D6+1, Shots: 20, Rld 2, Weight 20.

    Carapace on Chest, Abdomen & Groin, Enclosed Helm with average Auto senses and Gas Mask, Flak Armour on Arms & Legs, Average Bionic Arm - str50

    Due to the frequently dangerous and toxic environment of the deep underhive, anyone foolish enough to enter generally has some form of air filtration system. Grak, who was a veteran of venturing 'deep hive' had a fully enclosed helm with air filtration system.

    Brasks right arm was crippled beyond the healing abilities of any underhive doctor by the missile blast. Due to this Brask had his arm replaced with a bionic version. Paid for by his many claimed bounties.

    Leader, Ambidextrous.

    Originally right handed, Brask had to train extensively with his left hand whilst waiting for and then acclimatising to his bionic replacement. To represent this Brask is Ambidextrous.

    Next up will be a Dixx, a Ganger.

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