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Thread: Spyrers WIP

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    Spyrers WIP

    Last time I got to play Necro (which was a couple of years ago now) I made a Spyrer gang out of the old Dark Eldar warriors, but both the assembly and painting were somewhat rushed, so I thought I'd have another go and hope to do a better job. Here's my current progress with three Jakara:

    I'm undecided on the heads though. At first, the plan was to use wood elf glade guard heads, as on the model on the right. This is the closest to the original model out of the options considered. I have, however, been considering two alternatives. Second is using dark elf sister of slaughter masks - the idea being that the gang actually dress like some kind of evil demons to scare their prey. Third is using dark eldar scourge helmets, probably with any feathers removed. I have the bits for both of these options lying around anyway and it would give the gang a bit more unity. If I stick with the wood elf heads for the Jakara then I'm not sure what to use for other models, particularly the Malcadons (possibly Tau fire warrior head?).

    I know this board is pretty quiet, but any thoughts welcome.

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    Hmm... it's tricky. The original gang wasn't that "unified" - not like Van Saar or Delaque. Spyrers were always for those people who wanted shiny, individual guys to play with.

    I think the biggest question is what you want the gang to look like. For that "vintage" feel, I'd go with Glade Guard heads on the Jakara. Striking Scorpion heads look good on Malcadors, but that's kind of a tough one. You might be able to get away with some of the new Dark Elf heads from fantasy. Another good option (and great source of bits) would probably be to use the Scions kit. For the Orrus, you're on your own - Orks, maybe? That, or a Terminator upper body on a much smaller lower, with a regular-sized human head (probably from Fantasy) inside the opening. Mom/Pop would come from the Inquisition section for me, as they've got male and female characters in some really ornate armor, without being huge "space marine sized" minis.

    Whatever you decide, show pics! I wish I could find my Delaque Gang, I've moved so many times, and it's been so long since I've played, they're probably buried in someone else's attic somewhere, 500 miles away.
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