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    Middenheim Warband, Help wanted

    So I'm going to start Mordheim with a couple of friends and I think I'm going to run a Middenheim Warband (The Strength 4 on Captains and Champions seems usefull) Anyways, I have no idea how to build the warband, I want all five heroes but other then that I have no idea what henchmen to get or how to equip anyone so i'd really want some help and sugestions

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    So you really want to not waste your boss's high ballistic skill. I always give my leader (and most of my champions) pistols, for targets of opportunity, even when I'm not running a shooty list. It's also great to be able to even the odds, even if you don't get the charge off. Pistols are one of the great things about humans.

    But, equally, you want to be able to thwack the enemy with the good strength. I'd suggest a sword and an axe or club as a good load-out. Don't bother getting a brace of pistols, because you don't want to use it in close combat anyway.

    Youngbloods, sad to say, absolutely suck at the start of the game (although they quickly get awesome). They will miss anything larger than a henchman. Give them two cheap close combat weapons, like a mace. Maybe a sword each, if you've got enough money for them. Even a sword and a knife is fine. The trick is to just prevent them from being killed. But if you're finishing off stunned or knocked-down enemies, always let the youngblood have the first try.

    If suggest getting them a shield, but armour is too often ignored by critical hits or high strength. That's one of the problems with vanila mordheim- there's one optimal loadout for close in fighters (two close combat weapons), lots of suboptimal options that are okay, but usually chosen for flavour (halberds, two-handed weapons, flails) and some that are just awful (armour of any type, axes, shields). By far the most cost-effective choice is dagger and club, but any load-out with two weapons is better than a load-out with only one.

    Consider playing Coreheim, a fan-based change rules set. You can download it free from internet. It balances a lot of those rules and makes it a fairer and better game. Talk to your group about switching to these rules.

    As for henchmen- get lots of close combat henchmen. As many as you can.

    Don't start with any shooting, but if you do bows or shortbows are good for advancing armies, because you can move and shoot (inaccurately). Crossbows are better, but you can't move and are more expensive. Handguns are terrible. Longbows aren't worth it, because Mordheim is nearly always close range, or should be. As I've pointed out before, pistols are awesome, but you will need some long-range weapon. Wait until a few games are done, and then get all your guys a bow or something.

    Always get five heroes. Always get henchmen in groups of one, in order to get more rolls of 'Lad's Got Talent!', which is crucial.

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