Blood Bowl Pro Elves v Orcs - partial match report - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Pro Elves v Orcs - partial match report

    I wrote this quick (part) report up for elsewhere but, having gone to the trouble of pictures, thought I'd copy and paste here as well. It's only a report of the second half of the match, which was 0-0 at half time. Further, the camera ran out of memory about half way through, so really the pictures are only the third quarter or so. It's my 'pro' elves (modelled as Dark Elves, but I wanted to try the different rules) against my gf's Orcs. The whole game played in pouring rain (-1 to catch/pick up the ball).[

    Start of the 2nd half is delayed by a crowd riot, so when she finally kicks to me it's my turn 2. The ball scatters into my end zone and thankfully (for me) bounces off the pitch, so I can give it directly to my Catcher just behind the line of scrimmage. (I didn't think to take a picture of the set up, but I have five players along the half-way line, all on my left - 'refusing' the right flank.)

    I blitz her Goblin out of the way and run my Catcher and Blitzer through the gap, like so:

    (To avoid confusion: the Elves are facing the wrong way in this picture. We turn each player round as they perform their action for the turn, and I couldn't be bothered to re-pose them for photos.)

    Here's another angle:

    Those Orcs on the LoS look pretty fierce, but the ball carrier has already broken through behind them!

    In her turn 2, there wasn't a lot that she could do - she was able to use two Goblins to get a one dice block but it was only a push, so the result was this:

    Turn 3. My blitzer pushed the Goblin on the left away (and down). Now my catcher only needed a 2+ dodge in order to score: and he rolls a 1, followed by team re-roll and another 1:

    He's pictured face down for effect but in fact - adding injury to insult - he was badly hurt by his fall and that was the end of his match. (Actually, I think he was simply too embarrassed to set foot on the pitch again!) The turnover leaves the ball loose in the Orcs' half of the pitch, which soon leaves it surrounded by players from both teams with no one really wanting to risk a 5+ or 6+ pick up. We go from this:

    To the ball actually being surrounded by eight players! She blocks my blitzer who stumbles onto the ball, knocking it towards one of her Orcs but, since no one manages to catch the bouncing ball in the rain, it ends up squirming free:

    Here, unfortunately, is where the pictures stop. It didn't look like anyone was going to manage to retrieve the ball, much less score. In my penultimate turn I did attempt a risky passing move - the ball was only in one tackle zone, so an unmarked lineman swept in with an attempted steal, but I ended up suffering a first action turnover

    In my final turn, I almost stole the game. A downed player stood up, dodged (2+), picked up the ball (4+) and dodged again (2+) before handing off to his team-mate. Said receiver successfully caught the hand-off (3+) before a dodge (2+) and a go for it (2+) left him just one square from the end zone. Another GFI to snatch a 1-0 win but, predictably, my luck runs out with a 1, leaving my player stunned in the end zone.

    Overall, there were three times when I only needed to roll a 2+ to score but rolled a 1 (the catcher's attempted dodge, the re-roll of said dodge, and the last turn GFI). Still, 0-0 was probably a fair reflection on the match. This had been intended as a 'best of three' decider after our last two games finished one a piece, so the series was drawn too.

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