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    Codex: Hruds - Clan Verminkin

    Tribe Verminkin was so called for the Tribe was by far the largest tribe in numbers, numbering almost a hundred thousand. This was due to the fact that the Queens of Tribe Verminkin, the Grey Queens, produce almost 200 pups in a single litter, nearly twice the amount the average Queen produces. Their large numbers meant they were one of the more successful tribes during the Age of Warlords. The Tribe however was superceded in size by Tribe Rictus after the First Great War, when the hundreds of tribes that supported Tribe Rictus against Skyre's forces merged into a single entity.

    After the Great Sundering of Clan Rictus, the Tribe Verminkin regained its prestige as the largest of the Tribes within all Hrudom. Due to their large size, and their success during the Age of Warlords, they were offered a seat in the first Great Council, as one of the representatives in the Council of Thirteen before the Great Horned One. By the time of the second Great Council at the end of the Age of Council, the Tribe had been accorded the status of a Clan. As a Clan, they almost certainly held a permanent seat within the Council.

    When Clan Verminkin goes to war, they can field proportionately greater numbers of Greyfurs and even Blackfangs compared to the other tribes and clans. The origins of the Tribe however were less than flattering. Although from the same brood, the huge numbers of the Tribe meant they were even more disorganised than the other tribes, and were prone to infighting. The Tribe remained splintered until Warlord Verminkin rose to unite the splintered factions of the Tribe, by defeating the Warlords on the field of battle. One by one, the Warlords that led each faction were defeated by the strategic might of Warlord Verminkin, until he was pronounced Lord-Warlord of the entire Tribe. Warlord Verminkin had so chosen his name for in his ambition he had marked himself as the future leader of the Tribe. He chose the name that best described the stature of their Tribe as the most numerous Tribe among all the tribes of the Hruds, and thus Tribe Verminkin was born. From then on, according to tradition, the Lord-Warlord of the Clan would take up the name of Verminkin in honour of the first Lord-Warlord who created the Tribe as it is through his act of unification.

    During the Great Skirmishes, when the Warlords collectively felt their position threatened by the Runner Assassins of Clan Eshin, the Great Kinship was forged between the Lesser Tribes. It was a time when all the lesser tribes of the Underempire stood under one banner. A Warlord was to be chosen to lead the armies of the Great Kinship in the Second Great War against Clan Eshin, and the Lesser Tribes unanimously voted for Clan Verminkin to be the Dominant Tribe of the Lesser Tribes. The Lord-Warlord of Clan Verminkin, Verminkin II was thus elected Overlord of the Great Kinship, and Clan Verminkin has held the position till this day. According to the Great Treaty signed at the end of the Second Great War, the Great Kinship is to hold a permanent seat within the Council of Thirteen, as the collective voice of the Lesser Tribes and as a means for the Lesser Tribes to have a say in the decisions of the Council, decisions that would have an impact on the whole of Hrudom. The position of Dominant Tribe of the Lesser Tribes is up for contention however, as the ambitious Warlords of the Lesser Tribes are always vying for power amongst each other. Clan Verminkin has been challenged several times as a result, but so far none of the Lesser Tribes has been able to overcome Clan Verminkin on the field of battle.

    ~The End~

    Special Rule:
    Dominant Tribe: As the Dominant Tribe of the Lesser Tribes, Clan Verminkin is always under assault by the armies of ambitious Warlords, as they seek to attain the rank of Overlord of the Great Kinship through feat of arms. It is not unknown for several Warlords to work together in order to see the downfall of Clan Verminkin. However, as the Dominant Tribe, Clan Verminkin is also able to summon the forces of the Lesser Tribes to aid them in times of war. If the army you are opposing is from one of the Lesser Tribes, the restriction for fielding only one Warlord in a single army is removed for your enemy. In addition, he gains an additional 500Pts to be spent as he wishes on Troops only. He must field an entire army first according to the points allowed for that Battle and according to the roster of his tribe, before fielding that additional 500Pts worth of troops. Clan Verminkin in exchange have an additional 250Pts worth of Troops that they may field upon the Battle.

    Clan Verminkin is able to field proportionately greater number of Greyfurs compared to the other tribes and clans, due to it being the most numerous of the Clans. The only other Clan to muster troops the size that would rival that of Clan Verminkin is Clan Rictus. Like other Clans and Tribes, Clan Verminkin has to acquire much of its articles of war through trade with the major manufacturers of war, such as Tribe Mors and Tribe Chittin. The Warplock Rifles are gained through trading mainly with Clan Skyre, while Nightshades come from Tribe Mors. Needless to say, to equip the vast armies of Clan Verminkin requires tremendous amounts of trading. As these items are ordered in bulk, they often come cheaper compared to other tribes. Clan Verminkin has come to manufacture its own Warplock Rifles and Warplasma shells due to its simplicity of design and as items of trade, so that other essential goods can be gotten through trade while the Clan need not depend on Clan Skyre for its main armament of war. This has been a smart move on the part of the Clan, for now they have come to be one of the major manufacturers of Warplock Rifles and Warplasma shells, and many lesser tribes have come to depend on trade with Clan Verminkin to equip their forces. The large amount of Greyfurs means that the Clan has a powerful workforce, and this fact has encouraged the Tribe's Ruling Council to expand their production into other domains, in a move to strengthen the Clan's economic standing among the tribes. So far, they have expanded into the manufacturing of Warplock Pistols and Scimitars, such that they are standard equipment on the Blackfangs of the Clan. In fact, so strong is their position as one of the major manufacturers of war among the tribes and clans of the Underempire, that the Lesser Tribes has nominated them as the Dominant Tribe of the Lesser Tribes, and the Lord-Warlord of Clan Verminkin is the Overlord of the Great Kinship.

    Greyfur: MS:3 BS:1 S:2 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:5 AS:- CS:5+
    Point Cost: 3
    Unit Size: 10-50
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle/Claws +Warplasma Shell+0.5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Burrow Warren, Scavengers, Fleet of Paw
    Pack Mentality: Take a model at the front of the pack as a reference point. For each model directly behind that reference unit, add 1 to the Leadership value of the unit on the whole. The individual models within the pack must stay within 1" of each other at all times.

    The Blackfurs of Clan Verminkin are more numerous than the Blackfurs of other tribes. As a result, Clan Verminkin fields its own Blackfang packs in times of war, while the lesser tribes have to contend with distributing their Blackfangs within the Greyfur packs. The Blackfangs are also noted for leading Greyfur packs in war, being the pack leaders and thus at the forefront of the pack. In those arrangements, there would be one Blackfang leader for every five Greyfur warriors. The Clan's production of Scimitars allow the Blackfangs to come summarily equipped with them, without having the need to purchase them separately as it is with other tribes. The Blackfangs in turn are led by Fangleaders, Blackfurs of such stature and strength that they could easily enter the ranks of the elite Black Guard regiment.

    Blackfang: MS:4 BS:1 S:3 T:3 A:1 W:1 I:3 L:6 AS:- CS:6+
    Fangleader: MS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:3 L:7 AS:- CS:6+
    Point Cost: 6/9
    Unit Size: 10-30/1 per 5 Blackfangs
    Equipment: Warplock Pistol and Scimitar +Sheath+2Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak
    /Warplock Pistol and Scimitar +Sheath+2Pts, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Overgrown Incisors, Fleet of Paw, Pack Mentality, Pack Leaders
    Ritual of Dominance: If at any time during the start of your Turn there is a complete lack of Fangleaders within a Blackfang pack, having all fallen in battle in the previous Turn, as long as the Blackfang pack is not within 6" of an enemy unit, the Blackfang pack will erupt into infighting. The Blackfang pack resolve all of its Attacks against itself. For every 3 Saved and Unsaved Wounds, replace one Blackfang with a Fangleader. As long as one Fangleader is "revived", all infighting cease. If not, infighting carries on till a Fangleader is selected.

    Due to the high numbers of pups in a single litter, a proportionately greater amount of Vermin Tide can be fielded in a single army of Clan Verminkin. The same reason for the creation of the Vermin Tide exists among Clan Verminkin as it is with other tribes: due to the inability for certain pups to achieve sentience, they are led to war as expendable troops where they would most certainly die, and by doing so purify the brood from their kind.

    Vermin Tide: MS:3 BS:0 S:1 T:1 A:10 W:10 I:4 L:4 AS:- CS:4+
    Point Cost: 5
    Unit Size: Swarm Base
    Equipment: Claws and Fangs

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Burrow Warren
    Blackfurs: For every 6 rolled when rolling to-Hit, an Attack is made at S2. This is to represent the presence of the stronger Blackfurs within the Tide.
    Swarm: The Vermin Tide never gains the +1A Charge bonus for Charging into combat. For every Wound incurred, the number of Attacks is likewise reduced. They may never be Insta-Killed by all manner of weapons except Blast and Template Weapons.
    Swarm Mentality: The unit of Vermin Tide must always stay within 2" of a Greyfur pack at the start of the Battle. The Greyfur pack may choose to drive forward the Vermin Tide to attack the enemy. They make a number of Attacks against the Vermin Tide as if they were engaged in combat. For every Hit incurred, the Leadership of the Vermin Tide increases by one. Decrease the unit by the appropriate number of Unsaved Wounds as usual. The Vermin Tide becomes subject to Frenzy and has to charge towards the nearest enemy unit. If the Vermin Tide is broken in combat, the unit loses Frenzy and its Leadership reverts to normal. In addition, whenever the Vermin Tide has to take a Leadership Test for losing in combat, the Test is taken with an unmodified Leadership, i.e. it will always be taken with the current Leadership value of the Vermin Tide, unmodified by Combat Resolution.

    So numerous are the Blackfurs of Clan Verminkin that there are a proportionately greater amount of Blackfurs that have the strength and stature to enter the elite regiments of Black Guard than other tribes. As the Warlords have no need for extra warriors in their Black Guard, these stronger Blackfurs are led to form a regiment of their own, and they are the elite of the fighting forces of Clan Verminkin. These are the Stormvermin, so called for they have become a characteristic troop type native to Clan Verminkin, such that the Lesser Tribes have come to identify Clan Verminkin with these select warriors. They are also known as Stormvermin for they are used as the shock troops of the armies of Clan Verminkin. No other tribe have the numbers to field Black Guard-worthy Blackfurs as a separate troop in battle. Clan Verminkin uses its wealth to equip their finest troop to the teeth. They have the best weapons and armour one can afford for a warrior. The Stormvermin in turn are led by the Stormfangs, Stormvermin with the exact attributes required for a Black Guard. The Stormfangs have the privilege of wearing the Stillsuits of Tribe Mors, for the Warlords replenish fallen Black Guard from the ranks of the Stormfangs.

    Stormvermin: MS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:3 L:7 AS:5+ CS:6+
    Stormfang: MS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:4 L:7 AS:5+ CS:6+
    Point Cost: 9/11
    Unit Size: 10/1 per 5 Stormvermin
    Equipment: Warplock Pistol and Scimitar, Sheath, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak, Shell Armour
    /Warplock Pistol and Scimitar, Sheath, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Mirage Cloak, Shell Armour

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Overgrown Incisors, Fleet of Paw, Pack Mentality, Pack Leaders, Ritual of Dominance

    Tribe Mors was known for its secrecy and self-sufficiency, even from the eyes of their kin, the Tribes and Clans of the Underempire. However, in their own constant need for survival, the Tribe had developed such articles that would prove to become invaluable even to other Hrud tribes. These include the Nightshades, designed to protect the eyesight of the Hruds of Tribe Mors from the harsh twin suns of the desert world of Tallarn, and the Stillsuits. There was one other technology Tribe Mors was renowned for and that was its skimmer technology, the Dusk Trawlers. These vehicles were used by Tribe Mors to drive forward their great Sandcrawlers over the desert sands, immense constructs that acted as their mobile homes. How Tribe Mors acquired this technology and the raw materials to construct these vehicles, remained a mystery. They were in actual fact acquired during the Great Sundering, when several hundred tribes from the Tribe of Soil split from the main body of Clan Rictus to survive on their own. They brought with them much of the technology of the Demiurg, including the blueprints for the construction of these vehicles.

    The Tribe continued their policy of isolation from the affairs of the rest of Hrudom until they encountered another Hrud tribe upon the world of Tallarn. Tribe Scrye, previously one of the Council Tribes until they participated in the Great Migration and thus revoked their seat in the Council, had migrated to the world of Tallarn. They lived within the sewers of the city, and were expanding their network of burrows into the outskirts when they met one of the splinter tribes of Tribe Mors. An exchange of trade and information took place, and from there the Prophet leaders of Tribe Scrye learnt of the Tribe's identity as the Hruds that split from Clan Rictus during the Great Sundering. From trading with the splinter tribe of Tribe Mors, the Hruds of Tribe Scrye obtained the Nightshades and Stillsuits and saw the value of these inventions, and the great benefit it would be to the rest of Hrudom if they were circulated among the Tribes and Clans. Using his powers of foresight and prediction, the Scrylord of Tribe Scrye, Sckreet, peered into the future, and saw that great wealth and power would flow to Tribe Mors should they rejoin themselves with the Underempire and sell their technology to the other tribes and clans. The Scrylord met with the Seer Chieftain of that splinter tribe, Vanacur, and told him his prophecy. He encouraged Vanacur to enter into trade with the Tribes, as surely the products of Tribe Mors would be in high demand. Vanacur was an ambitious Seer Chieftain and had held aims at bringing back their Tribe from their policy of isolation and into the political domain of the Underempire, and thus rejoin their Tribe with the rest of Hrudom. This development was exactly the motive he needed to fulfill his ambitions. Thus Vanacur called for the Council of Seers, the gathering of the Seer Chieftains of the splinter tribes that occur by tradition once every Sun cycle. He laid bare his plans to the council, telling them of the prophecy of Sckreet, Scrylord of Tribe Scrye, and the great benefits it would offer to the Greater Tribe should they reenter the political domain of the Underempire. His inspirational discourse convinced many of the council to his side. There were others though, Seer Chieftains of great foresight, who knew that to rejoin the Underempire would ultimately be to change the way of life as they have come to know and appreciate. A vote was taken and the majority were found to be in accord with Vanacur. It was then decided that Vanacur would be placed in charge of leading the Tribe in its trades with the other tribes, and ultimately, of rejoining the Tribe with the rest of Hrudom. Thus, the position of Seerlord was created for Vanacur, and he held all political and military power of the Greater Tribe within his hands as Seerlord of Tribe Mors. Trade was first established through Clan Skaven, the link between the Migratory Tribes and the Underempire. In this way, Tribe Mors was able to reconnect with the Underempire through its trade of Nightshades and Stillsuits. When the Commerce Vessel of Clan Rictus passed through the desert world of Tallarn, Vanacur reestablished ties of friendship with them, ties that were severed during the Great Sundering. Through the medium of Clan Rictus, Tribe Mors was able to establish trade with the Migratory Tribes that were scattered across the galaxy. In this way, the Nightshades and Stillsuits came into circulation with all of Hrudom, as predicted by Scrylord Sckreet. Their monopoly over the production of Nightshades and Stillsuits, and the importance of these two items to the rest of Hrudom gave the Tribe tremendous political power. They became one of the Council Tribes in the Council of Thirteen, during the Seventh Great Council, with a seat given to Vanacur.

    It so happened that Verminkin II of Clan Verminkin sought to gain an edge over the rival Clans in the Underempire, by obtaining a weapon of war that would be unique to their Clan only. Verminkin II knew of the skimmers of Tribe Mors, the Dusk Trawlers, and he wished to obtain this technology for his own. During one of the Great Councils, he found an opportunity to enter into discussions with Vanacur, regarding skimmer technology, and how it would be of great use to the rest of Hrudom if it entered into circulation just as it is with Nightshades and Stillsuits. Thus in this manner, skimmer technology was sold to Verminkin II, who promised to circulate it to the rest of Hrudom. Verminkin II put the greatest Smiths of the Clan into developing a vehicle based on the skimmer technology of Tribe Mors. The skimmer of Clan Verminkin was originally supposed to be based on the design of the Dusk Trawlers, but the Smiths diverged, due to a lack of required raw materials. Instead of using the magneto-engine to power their skimmer like it is with the Dusk Trawlers, they would use an engine that used Warpstone as fuel, given the plentiful amounts of it in the Underempire, and as such, they would not have to face the problems of the shortage of fuel in their skimmers. As the Underempire is a barren setting, and it was not within the trade agreement between Tribe Mors and Clan Verminkin that the Tribe would help the Clan acquire the required raw materials, the skimmer of the Verminkin ultimately became an open-topped Skiff. In this way the War Skiff was developed, and the Warpstone-fueled turbine engine that powers the vehicle and transforms it into a skimmer was named the Wardrive, after the name of the Skiff. A group of Greyfurs, personally selected by Verminkin II himself, was assigned the task of piloting these skimmers. These are the Wardrivers, named after the Warp-powered engine of the vehicle itself. The Wardrivers train rigourously for their task, in the ways of war and in the manoeuvring and piloting of their vessel. They have great pride in their role as pilots of the War Skiffs, for they were selected under a strict criteria, requiring great wits, reflexes, and fortitude of mind. Through constant practice, they have perfected their control of the War Skiffs and are constantly daring each other to perform difficult feats and manoeuvres with the vehicles. Clan Verminkin uses the War Skiffs as both transports for their Stormvermin to quickly traverse the battlefield and as mobile firing platforms, a battle configuration in which they would mount the massive Warplock Guns onto the rear of the War Skiffs.

    During the many petty wars of the Age of Beasts, the War Skiff first saw usage when a combined host of three lesser tribes challenged the dominion of the Overlord of the Great Kinship. The War Skiffs were used with great effect in that war, harassing the foot troops from afar with the Warplock Guns, then speeding away before the Greyfur Riflers could return fire. Though the combined host greatly outnumbered the forces of Clan Verminkin, they could not hit the speeding War Skiffs, which left the foot troops befuddled and disorganised. From there, they became easy pickings to the disciplined forces of Clan Verminkin, under the astute leadership of the Overlord himself. The War Skiffs thus proved to be instrumental to the victory of the Clan in that war, and the position of Dominant Tribe of the Lesser Tribes was kept by the Clan. News of the strange new vehicles that were so formidable spread among the Tribes and Clans of the Underempire. They were astounded by the vehicles for they had never seen anything so fast and elegant before. Verminkin II thus received many requests for the technology to be sold at the end of the war, some even at greatly exorbitant prices. Finally, greed got the better of Verminkin II and the technology was summarily sold. And so the technology proliferated among the Hruds of the Underempire, even reaching the Migratory Tribes, until they became a common sight within all Hrudom. Although it was with some heartache that Verminkin II had relinquished his plan of keeping the technology beholden to only his Clan, he knew that it would benefit their race as a whole, so all was not for nought. Verminkin II instilled some sense of standardisation by promoting the War Skiffs as the definitive skimmer to be emulated. From then on, all skimmers produced by the Smiths of the tribes followed the make of the War Skiffs. The War Skiffs are used for various purposes by the Hruds. This includes as a personal transport for dignitaries and as a means of transporting Warpstone ore between locations. During times of war, the War Skiffs are equipped in various fashions depending on the preference of that particular tribe or Warlord. For instance, while some prefer to use it as a fast transport for ferrying close combat troops into war, others use it as a mobile firing platform by placing Greyfur Warplock Riflers on it. The invention of the War Skiff was an important stepping-stone for the race of the Hruds, for it showed best how quickly such high technology could be spread among the realms of the Hruds through the medium of trade, and it encouraged the propagation of important discoveries of advanced technology among the Hrud Tribes. This proved especially significant in the later Ages when the Hrud Tribes came into conflict with sentient species that possessed superior technology. In order to defeat the armoured tanks of the Imperium of Man for instance, the Warplords of Clan Skyre developed the Warpfire Grenade, which was highly effectively for its expressed purpose and its cheap cost. They were then mass-produced by the Clan, and through the medium of trade, spread to the rest of Hrudom, a course of action without which the Hruds would never have been able to match the Imperium in terms of military might.

    Fast Attack:
    War Skiff: FA:11 SA:10 RA:11
    Point Cost: 30
    Unit Size: 1-3
    Equipment: +Warplock Gun+15Pts, +Warplightning Cannon+20Pts, Wardrive, Front Ram, +Side Scythes+5Pts, +Warpshield+15Pts
    Wardriver: MS:4 BS:2 S:2 T:2 A:2 W:1 I:5 L:7 AS:5+ CS:5+
    Equipment: Warplock Pistol, Pike, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Shell Armour
    Greyfur: MS:3 BS:1 S:2 T:2 A:1 W:1 I:4 L:5 AS:- CS:5+
    Point Cost: 3
    Unit Size: 10-20
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle +Warplasma Shell+0.5Pts/Claws, +Rifle Sling+2Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak
    Stormvermin: MS:4 BS:1 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:3 L:7 AS:5+ CS:6+
    Stormfang: MS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:4 L:7 AS:5+ CS:6+
    Unit Size: 10-20/1 per 5 Stormvermin
    Equipment: Warplock Pistol and Scimitar, Sheath, +Nightshades+2Pts, Mirage Cloak, Shell Armour
    /Warplock Pistol and Scimitar, Sheath, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Mirage Cloak, Shell Armour

    Special Rules:
    Fast Skimmer, Open-Topped, Transport, Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Flexible Skeletons, Skilled Rider, The Scythe, The Weave

    The Black Guards are Blackfangs that are noted especially for their prowess in combat and has been specifically selected to form the bodyguard retinue of either a Warlord or Chieftain. The Black Guard can be seen as the cream of the crop of the various forces of the Hrud, for indeed they are. Amongst the various coloured subspecies of Hrud, the Blackfurs are the fiercest and imbued with the greatest physical strength. Then, even among this strongest of subspecies, there are those born with the raw strength that set them apart from their peers. There are those too, individuals of lion-heart and iron determination, that by their personal strength have risen against the odds and established their names on the field of battle. Whatever the means, these first among equals have garnered the attention of the ruling Warlords and have been handpicked to form his elite retinue. As the Warlord lives, these chosen warriors fight with dedication and pride, knowing that they are the elite of the elite. If any of these prideful soldiers have any designs on the seat of the Warlord, no emotion is shown, for indeed the Warlord has risen to his position not by luck or chance. Even if the Black Guard has confidence in his ability to challenge the Warlord, his intentions will not go unnoticed by his fellow Black Guards. He must contend himself with his current position, lying patiently in wait till such an opportunity presents itself to take that one step closer towards absolute power. So it comes to be that within the midst of battle, great as he may be, the Warlord will fall, and then the Hand of Fate beckons, enticing these mightiest of warriors. The tension mounts, as the mistrust and hate built up between them all this while threaten to spill out. Ambition fill their hearts; if not now, when? The vacuum created by the fall of the One has to be filled and who better than me? At last, one amongst these proudest of warriors succumbs to his inner desires, to the beast within. He is the trigger that catalyses a whole chain of reactions, the go button they were all waiting for. Now the dam has burst, the torrent of emotion rushes forth; nothing is left but for that one prize. All pretentions are abandoned, as brethren turn against brethren in this battle for one's worth. As the dust settles, one is left standing. The Fates have chosen, and as it is and always has been, there can only be one...

    Black Guard: MS:4 BS:2 S:4 T:3 A:2 W:1 I:4 L:7 AS:5+ CS:-
    Point Cost: 13
    Unit Size: 10-15
    Equipment: Halberd, Sheath, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Shell Armour

    Special Rules:
    Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Overgrown Incisors
    Elitist Pride: As long as the Warlord or Chieftain is alive, the entire unit is Stubborn. However, if the Warlord is to fall in battle, and the Black Guards are not currently within 6" of any enemy unit at the start of the Turn, the Black Guards have to take a Leadership Test. If the dice rolled is lower than the unmodified Leadership value of the unit, the entire unit erupts into infighting. Treat the Black Guards as Frenzied and resolve all Attacks against itself. At the end of the combat, count the total number of Wounds incurred, Saved and Unsaved. If the total number is 6 or more, replace one model in the unit with the Warlord. The new Warlord is counted as salvaging all the weaponry and armour of the previous Warlord. Remove any casualties incurred from Unsaved Wounds and the unit may act as normal in each Phase except the Movement Phase for that Turn as it regroups from the chaos of the infighting. If the total number is less than 6, continue resolving Attacks against the unit until the total number of Saved and Unsaved Wounds is 6.
    Martial Pride: The Black Guard pride themselves on their martial prowess, disdaining the need to seek protection in cover, as their lesser kin are so tended towards. Furthermore, as the Black Guard of the Warlords, they would have to uphold the safety of the Warlord in their charge and not wane in their duty. As such, the rule Instinctual Preservation never applies to the Black Guard. As the bodyguard retinue of the ruling Warlord, diminishing their form by wearing Mirage Cloaks would reduce the impact of their presence. They see concealing their forms with the Mirage Cloaks as a sign of weakness. As such, Black Guards never deign to wear Mirage Cloaks.

    Warlords are Blackfurs who have risen in power through strength of arms. Among the offspring produced by Hruds in their mating dens, about 20% of them are Blackfurs, while the rest are Greyfurs. Within each batch of newborns, it is rare to find even a single Whitefur. Within the litter, the Blackfurs natural aggression causes them to fight amongst themselves in a bid for dominance. The weaker Greyfurs, being less aggressive, would avoid the Blackfurs, taking safety in their numbers as a deterrent from the predations of the Blackfurs. Thus, it is imprinted into the mentality of the Greyfurs from infancy of the supremacy of the Blackfurs, and this stigma is carried on even onto maturity. Due to the instilling of the dominance of the Blackfurs onto the Greyfurs right from infancy, the societal structure within the Hrud Clans is very much determined by the nature of the Blackfurs. Thus, due to their innate aggression, the dominant philosophy pervading Hrud society is based on the survival of the fittest. Even right from infancy, among the Blackfur litters, there is a struggle for dominance. In display of strengths and outright conflicts, the chief Blackfur is determined. Undoubtedly, this Blackfur would be naturally imbued with the physical strength that marks him above his peers. This, coupled with the fact that he is born into a harsh environment in which he is tested in the extreme in order to ensure his own survival, toughens him up, preparing him for the struggles up the hierarchical order within the clan. The mindset developed from exposure to the harsh reality during his time as a pup hones his natural instincts such that the driving forces of aggression and self-preservation override all other emotions, eventually leading him to wage outright war, as he comes into conflict with other such individuals who are similarly motivated. The Greyfurs are helplessly pulled along by the whims of these powerful individuals, as they struggle for supremacy. As such Hrud society is splintered into times of civil wars intermingled with periods of fragile peace when the balance of power reaches a stalemate. These Blackfurs who come to determine the fate of Hrud society at large are called Warlords. As a Blackfur ages and survives through countless battles, the natural bulk of their body increases due to the metabolic processes incurred within their bodies through facing near-death situations. As a natural consequence of this, the pronounced incisors that are native to Blackfurs become larger and sharper in the older, and consequentially more powerful Blackfurs.

    0-1Warlord: MS:5 BS:3 S:4 T:4 A:3 W:2 I:5 L:8 AS:4+ CS:6+ IS:5+
    Point Cost: 45
    Unit Size: 1
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle +Warplasma Shell+1Pt/Warplock Pistol+1Pt and Weeping Blade+4Pts/+Power Scimitar+6Pts/Halberd+3Pts/Twin Power Scimitars+12Pts +Rifle Sling+2Pts/+Sheath+2Pts, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Warpstone Armour

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw
    Ferocious Fighter: The Warlord is the epitome of the spirit that characterises the Blackfurs, one of unbridled ferocity. The stronger and more successful the Blackfur, the fiercer his disposition would be. In combat, the Warlord is an unstoppable whirlwind of whirling blades, giving in to his primal ferocity to channel his blows. Each blow that cuts deeper only empowers him to fight with renewed fervour, flowing with the momentum of his attacks, unleashing a devastating barrage upon the fools that dare challenge him. Each Unsaved Wound caused by the Warlord, grants the Warlord another Attack.
    Great Fangs: The Warlord gains Rending for one Attack only. This only applies if the Warlord is in the proximity to use his Special Fang Attack.
    Tenacity: On his rise up the ranks of Hrud society, the Warlord has experienced countless brushes with death. The only thing preventing him from suffering the same fate of the many before him is his tenacious will to succeed and not succumb to the weakness of death. When the Warlord is reduced to 1 Wound, all close combat Attacks made against the Warlord suffer a -1 to-Hit penalty. The CS bonus provided by Instinctual Preservation increases to 4+. When Hit by Template and Blast Weapons, the Attack misses the Warlord entirely on the successful passing of an Initiative Test.
    Overlord's Ambition: When a Warlord goes to war, he rides forth to establish his supremacy and through merit of victory of arms, extend his authority over a greater part of the Clan. As such the Warlord will always be the Army General and there may only be one Warlord in the entire army no matter the point size of the army. There may be as many Chieftains as allowable within the army though.
    Warlord's Pride: The Warlord never conceals himself with a Mirage Cloak, as such never benefitting from the -1 to the enemy's BS from Range Attacks.
    Alpha Pack: When the Hruds will still mere animals and did not have tribes and clans, the Hruds lived in packs, with the strongest male in the pack becoming the Alpha male. The Alpha males are the overall leaders of the pack and the rest of the pack will account themselves to the Alpha male and look towards him to protect them from stronger males from another pack. This relationship of the Alpha male to his pack is carried on in the traditions established in the Age of Warlords, as one of the Great Traditions. The Warlord and his retinue is looked upon as the Alpha pack by all the Hruds in the army. Should any of the Hrud packs be defeated by a superior foe, they will instinctively flee towards the Alpha pack, seeking their protection. If any unit is to break and flee on the Battlefield, it immediately takes a Leadership Test using the Leadership of the current Army General. If the Test is passed, the unit flees towards the position of the Army General instead of fleeing towards the edge of the Battlefield. Upon reaching the Army General, the unit automatically rallies and regroups.

    Although Blackfurs dominate Hrud society, there are Greyfurs who rise to positions of power, some even having Warlords serving beneath them. More often than not however, the opposite is true. In a society ruled by physical strength and power, it is impossible for a Greyfur to rise up the ranks through the norm. Ultimately it is through a mixture of deceit and cunning, with the right amount of tact and the careful manipulation of circumstances that a Greyfur achieves an equal footing among their Black-furred counterparts. As such a Greyfur of such a standing would be in possession of tremendous willpower and force of personality. Other traits that characterise these remarkable individuals are highly developed senses of perception by virtue of birth. More probably though, it is an instinctive sense cultivated through a constant need to watch their backs given the precarious nature of their positions. The Greyfur in all possibilities, has made countless enemies in the extent of his career, by his own unscrupulous actions of backstabbing and manipulation, not to mention ambitious younglings waiting patiently in the shadows to deliver the very same fate the upstart has so ruthlessly gifted to many before him. He is constantly on the watch and within the scheme of the survival of the fittest, he has been transformed into one of iron will and unshakable determination, fueled by ambition and self-preservation. These notable individuals are delegated as Chieftains by the Warlords above them, leading entire sections of the army during times of war. During times of peace, the Chieftains hold judicial authority over parts of the clan. Due to the circumstances of their rise to power, these Chieftains are often highly paranoid amongst their fellow Greyfurs, and are thus accompanied at all times by two Black Guards who act as his personal bodyguards. It should be noted however that Greyfurs are by their nature passive and not inclined to the power struggles of their darker brethren. This further distinguishes the Chieftains as individuals of tremendous personal strength, forced by circumstances to resort to Machiavellian means. Their true motives are not always clear; it may be that they are entirely self-motivated for position and power in a world dominated by their darker brethren, or it may be that they are acting with altruistic intentions, as a bastion of pride and strength for the Greyfurs against the supreme authority of the Blackfurs. Whatever the case, they are highly complex individuals, both loathed and admired in equal measure.

    Chieftain: MS:4 BS:3 S:3 T:3 A:2 W:2 I:6 L:9 AS:5+ CS:4+
    Point Cost: 30
    Unit Size: 1 per Greyfur pack
    Equipment: Warplock Rifle +Warplasma Shell+1Pt/Warplock Pistol+1Pt and Weeping Blade+4Pts/+Scimitar+1Pt/Halberd+3Pts +Rifle Sling+2Pts/+Sheath+2Pts, +Warplasma Grenades+3Pts, +Warpfire Grenades+5Pts, +Nightshades+2Pts, +Stillsuit+4Pts, Mirage Cloak, Shell Armour

    Special Rules:
    Instinctual Preservation, Nocturnal, Fleet of Paw, Scavengers
    Delegate: The Chieftain and his bodyguard retinue must always be leading a unit and may never leave that unit.
    Force of Personality: All units within 12" may use the Leadership of the Chieftain for all Leadership Tests. If the Warlord and his retinue is within 12", and the Warlord is the general of the army, then the Warlord has to rely on his Leadership for his own Tests.
    Paranoid: Accompanied by two Black Guards that must stay within 1" of the Chieftain at all times. If the two Black Guards are to fall in battle and the Chieftain is leading a group that contains Greyfurs, at the start of every Turn, the Chieftain has to pass an Initiative Test. If the Test was to fail, the Greyfur unit he is with will Attack him as long as the unit is not currently engaged in combat. The Greyfurs are considered as Charging the Chieftain and thus must manoeuvre themselves to surround him. If the Chieftain was to fall in combat this way, you may choose to distribute the weaponry and armour of the Chieftain as you wish among the Greyfurs of that unit, as the Greyfurs salvage his equipment for their purposes.
    Ruthless Cunning: If the Warlord is to break in combat and flee, the Chieftain will instantly seize this opportunity by declaring himself the new Army General. If there are more than one Chieftain, then they all consider themselves the Army General. If the Chieftain and his retinue are ever to be in Charging distance of a rival Chieftain, then that unit must Charge if at all possible. For purposes of the rule of Alpha Pack, the unit will treat the nearest Chieftain as the Army General. Once the Chieftain declares himself the Army General, he may freely join and leave any unit just like an Independent Character.
    Stigma of Inferiority: The Greyfurs are programmed from young to fear the Blackfurs for their superior strength. This stigma carries on into maturity and although it is not openly admitted to, a social hierarchy of sorts is formed within the Tribe, with the Blackfurs at the top. Even in the field of battle, the Blackfurs deign it beneath them to take orders from their "lesser" kin and as a result, the Greyfur Chieftains defer to them in their presence on the battlefield. If a Chieftain is within 12" of a Warlord, you may not use the Force of Personality Special Rule.

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