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    Warhammer 40,000 Calixtus' Edition

    Warhammer 40,000 Definitive Rulebook
    "War. War never changes. Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage."
    -excerpt taken from the Fallout 3 intro narration

    The Game Turn
    The Game Turn is divided into four Game Phases, the Movement Phase, the Psychic Phase, the Shooting Phase and the Assault Phase, in that order. The Player who rolls the higher D6 roll prior to the start of the Battle chooses or not to Deploy first and take first Turn. The Enemy Player may choose to Seize the Initiative by rolling a 6 on a D6, after Deployment. If he is successful, he takes first Turn instead. The Game itself is played out on a random number of Game Turns. At the end of Game Turn 5 for both Players, the second Player rolls a single D6. On a 4 or more the Game continues, otherwise it ends immediately. At the end of Game Turn 6 for both Players, again, another D6 is rolled, and on a 3 or more the Game continues to Turn 7. At the end of Game Turn 7, on a roll of a 2 or more, the Game proceeds to Turn 8, of which at the end of, the Game ends immediately. Regardless of the number of Turns randomly decided, the first four Turns are fought in daylight, while the remaining four are fought at night.

    "I place all my dreams on this ride,
    Hoping it will turn out alright."
    -verse from an Imperial Guard's march song, The Last Ride

    The Movement Phase
    Players may Move up to their Movement. They must stop if their Movement would cause them go within 1" of an enemy model, and they must maintain 2" Unit coherency even while Moving. Units that Move through Difficult or Dangerous Terrain have to roll 2D6", taking the highest roll, to represent the difficulties present in covering such difficile ground.

    "Put on the Armour of God, and we call Him Emperor. Put on the Sword of the Lord, and we call that His Divine Faith. It is Faith alone that protects us, and serve to sever our enemies like a scalpel of the most delicate precision."
    -Sisters of Battle Psalm of Faith

    The Psychic Phase
    1) The Primaris Power of your chosen Discipline is always known, but its Mastery Cost must be still paid, if not swapping for another Power with an equivalent or lesser Mastery Cost.
    2) To determine the total number of Powers a Psyker knows, he must roll as many D6 as his Mastery Levels, called Lore Mastery rolls, taking the combined value of all rolls in their addition, and gains a number of Powers with the collective value of their Mastery Costs equal to the combine value of the Lore Mastery rolls. You can instead split your Lore Mastery rolls across the several Psychic Disciplines your Psyker knows.
    3) Psykers generate Warp Charges equal to D3 multiplied by their Mastery Level, with each individual roll made for each separate Psyker combined into a single Psychic Pool.4) Psykers defending in the enemy's Psychic Phase do the same with rolling for Warp Charge Generation, but only for the purpose and use of Dispelling the enemy Psyker's successful Casting of Psychic Powers, by rolling above the roll made with the successful Cast. It is possible for a Psyker Dispelling defensively in the enemy's Psychic Phase to suffer Perils of the Warp, if it too rolls multiples of 6's.
    4) Powers are successfully Casted when rolling equal or above their Casting Level, which is a number always above 10, and depending on the might of the Power, the difficulty of the Casting Level could require the need to use more than one Warp Charge D6 roll.
    5) To Cast a Psychic Power, use as many dices of your choosing as are available in your Psychic Pool, rolling them up and adding the total score with the Leadership of the Psyker Casting, attempting to roll equal or over the Casting value of the Power. Do note though that a Psyker rolling multiple 6's when Casting immediately suffers a Perils of the Warp Attack. This means that there is no chance of Miscasting and suffering a Perils when rolling and using only a single D6 from your Psychic Dice Pool.
    6) For armies with no Psykers to defend in the enemy Turn's Psychic Phase, or if you don't want to use any Warp Charges to Dispel successfully Casted Psychic Powers, the unit that is targeted by the Power may always make a Mental Resistance roll, successfully denying the effects of the Power on the roll of a 6+, with a +1 modifier if the unit has Adamantium Will, the unit has one or more models with the Psyker, Psychic Pilot or Brotherhood of Psykers Special Rules, and the unit has one or more models with a Mastery Level higher than the Casting Psyker's Mastery Level.

    In war, a strange calm can be felt amidst the monotonous drone of gunfire and the thunder of artillery. Knowing that against everything, as your life hangs in the balance for every decision and movement you make, you charge headlong to meet your fate, with a grim resolution and unshakeable heart. Know that the pain will be fleeting...the Emperor saves.
    -Archinquisitor Dettreya

    The Shooting Phase
    The main change of the Shooting Phase is the determination of a Unit's Facing based on the direction in which the Unit has Moved or Shot during this Turn. In the Enemy's Turn, the Facing of a Unit is determined by the direction from which an Enemy Unit has Shot Suppression Fire on that Unit.

    Now onto the rule, Suppression Fire. Suppression Fire are Shots fired from Weapons that count as Pinning, as well as some other rule exceptions. In addition, Pinning Tests have a modifier based on the number of Unsaved Wounds caused by the Pinning Weapon. The ruling is as follows: The number of Unsaved Wounds caused by the Pinning Weapon determines the negative modifier applied to the Leadership value to be used for the Pinning Test. The main difference between Suppression Fire and Pinning Weapons is that as long as a Hit is made, the enemy has to pass a Pinning Test, rather than the need for a Wound.

    1) Choose a target. All models in the Unit must Shoot at the same target.2) Select a Weapon. All models firing the selected Weapon Shoot at the same time.3) Non-Vehicle and non-Monstrous Creature models may only fire a single Weapon, unless otherwise stated in the entry of the Unit.4) Every model that wishes to Shoot must be in Range of a visible Enemy model in the target Unit: When Shooting at an Enemy Unit, should the Unit be too far away, the distance being greater than the Range of the firers' Weapon, the Attack fails and the Unit may not Shoot again this Turn.5) For Guess Range weapons, the following change is implemented: When determining if a Guess Range weapon Hits, first guess the distance between the firer and the target, plus or minus any amount of the BS of the firer in inches. Then roll the to-Hit Die and determine if there is Scatter or not. Should the roll be anything other than a Hit, the Shot Scatters. Roll the Scatter Die and then determine the distance of the Scatter by rolling 2D6".6) When firing from higher ground, the effective Range of a Weapon is increased by the height of the firer from the ground. The actual ruling is this: For each 1" you are above ground, add 1" to the Range of your Shots, up to a maximum of 6".7) Skimmers, Bikes and Jetbikes must declare if Jinking before being Shot at. Cover Saves are taken before rolling to-Hit, with Soft Cover being 6+, while Hard Cover being 5+.8) Shots fired roll to-Hit and then to-Wound against the target Enemy Unit.9) The to-Hit roll for Ranged Attacks is dependent on the BS of the Shooting Unit. A BS of 1 is a 6+ to-Hit, a BS of 2 is a 5+ to-Hit, and so on. For each point of BS above 5, the Unit gets a reroll for any missed Shots that increase in value according to how much greater the BS is over 5. If it is a BS of 6, the reroll is 6+, if it is a BS of 7, the reroll is 5+ and so on, until a max of BS10, which is a reroll of 2+.10) Twin-Linked Shots may reroll the Dice once.11) Units Shot at during the Enemy's Shooting Phase have a choice of Going to Ground, gaining +1 to their Cover Saves, or a 6+ Cover Save if in open terrain. They may declare Going to Ground after being Shot at.12) Divide into Wound Pools. If some Wounds have different rules (for example Rending), divide into Wound Pools. All the Wounds from a single pool must be allocated before moving to the next pool.13) Allocate Wounds. Allocate a Wound to the closest model in the target unit. If two or more models are equally close, the owning player picks. Wounds can only be allocated to models in Range of and visible by at least one firing model. Roll Look Out, Sir! for Characters. The model may take a Saving Throw. If reduced to 0 Wounds, remove the model as a casualty. Allocate the next Wound to the next closest model and repeat the process.14) There are also rules for Crossfire, which is when a Unit gets Shot at from two opposing directions, for instance from the Front of the Unit and then from the Rear. The ruling is as follows: Units caught in a Crossfire must take an immediate Morale Check, with a negative modifier of -1 for each Wound suffered from the Crossfire Shots from both Front and Rear. Shots from the Weapons count as Suppression Fire.15) Units may choose to Run instead of Shoot in the Shooting Phase, rolling for an additional Movement of D6” made in that Phase.
    Movement in the Shooting Phase
    Infantry, Artillery, Jump, Jetpack, Monstrous Creatures: Run D6”
    Beasts, Cavalry: Run 2D6”
    Flying Monstrous Creatures (Swooping): Run 2D6”
    Walkers: Run D6”
    Bikes: Turbo-Boost 12”
    Jetbikes: Turbo-Boost 24”
    Eldar Jetbikes: Turbo-Boost 36”
    Heavy Vehicles: n/a
    Fast Vehicles: Flat-Out 12”
    Fast Skimmers: Flat-Out 18”
    Flyers (Zooming): Flat-Out 12-24”
    All other Vehicles: Flat-Out 6”

    Vehicles in Squadrons declare individually to move Flat-Out. Everyone else declares by Unit to Run/Turbo-Boost. Maintain Unit coherency.

    Moving, Shooting and Assaulting

    Assault Weapons allows the Unit to Move without penalty, and Assault in the same Turn.
    Heavy Weapons may only make Snap Shots if the Unit Moves, but no Assault Moves are allowed.
    Ordnance Weapons may not Shoot if the Unit Moves, and no Assault Moves are allowed.
    Pistols may be Shot on the Move, counting as Assault 1, and can be used in Assault during the Shooting Phase.

    Rapid Fire Weapons may be Shot without penalty even if the unit Moves, and Shoots twice at half Range, while Assault in the same Turn..
    Salvo Weapons if Shot on the Move, are forced to use the lower value, and do not allow the Unit to Assault.
    Primary Weapons suffer no penalties for Shooting on the Move, and the Unit may Assault in the same Turn.
    Grenades have a range of G6", and can be used when Charging or receiving a Charge. On the Charge, one model of yours may choose to forgo his Charge Bonus in order to throw a Grenade. Grenades that are Blast have Pinning, and for every Unsaved Wound caused, the Pinning Test taken suffers a -1 modifier. If the enemy unit is Pinned, it loses all Cover bonuses. All Pinned Units when Assaulted, Attack back with their Initiative at 1.

    When being Assaulted on the Charge, the Unit can nominate a model in the same way to throw a Defensive Grenade, rolling to see if it Pins the Unit, for which if it is successful, the Charge fails. This is resolved after the Unit's attempt at Charging yours is successful.

    The difference between EMP Grenades to Haywire Grenades is not just the difference of EMP rolling 4+ against Haywire's 2+, but also how EMP can be used to immobilise and Pin Power Armour or even 2+ Armour, with a similar roll of 4+, although causing no Wounds. This means the EMP Grenade is Blast, and causes Pinning.

    Should your Unit begin 1” away from the Enemy Unit in the Movement Phase, it does not gain the bonus Attack for Charging the Unit.

    .For the Ally: Feed the spirit, not the body.
    For the Enemy: Cleanse the soul, not the body.
    -Imperial Guard chant

    For the Ally: Feed the soul, taint the spirit.
    For the Enemy: Feast on the spirit, adulterate the soul, desecrate the body.
    -Chaos Marine chant

    The Assault Phase

    1) In the Assault Phase, there is a penalty for Charging a Unit that is out of Range of the Charge distance. When declaring a Charge, should the position of the Enemy Unit being Charged be greater than the distance the Unit can Charge, the Unit Moves the full distance rolled in the direction of the Enemy Unit instead.2) Should your Unit begin 1” away from the Enemy Unit in the Movement Phase, it does not gain the bonus Attack for Charging the Unit.3) For Units being Assaulted while Falling Back: If an Enemy Unit declares an Assault against a Unit that is Falling Back and is found to be in Range, the Falling Back Unit must immediately Test to Regroup (without Moving), starting with the Enemy Moving in his Assaulting models. If the Test is failed, the Unit is destroyed and the Assaulting Unit Moves its full Charge distance in the direction of the destroyed Unit.4) Furthermore, Wounds allocated in Assault must be allocated to models in the frontline first of all.5) The to-Hit chart for calculating the roll to-Hit in Close Combat is as follows: For rolling to-Hit in Close Combat, if the Defender's WS is lower than the Attacker's, he Hits on a 3+; if the Defender's WS is equal or up to twice as high as the Attacker's minus 1, he Hits on a 4+, and if it is twice as high and more, he Hits on a 5+.6) The to-Wound chart for calculating the probability of successful to-Wound rolls is as follows: 4+ when the Strength is the same as the Toughness, 3+ when the Strength is higher than the Toughness, 2+ when the Strength is twice that of the Toughness, 5+ when the Strength is lesser than the Toughness, and 6+ when the Strength is halved that of the Toughness.7) The Facing of a Unit plays a part in an Assault. When Assaulting from the Rear and the Enemy loses the Assault from the Rear, they suffer a -1 modifier to their Morale Check. Also, when Assaulting a Unit from its Rear, they are caught unawares and the Attackers benefit from Surprise Assault on the Charge, gaining +1A and +1I.8) The height of a Unit in reference to those it is Assaulting also plays a part in determining the order of Assault. If the model is Assaulting a Unit occupying higher ground than it, it is subject to a -1 Initiative modifier.9) Units engage and Attack according to Initiative order, while gaining +1A on the Turn they Charge. When Assaulting a Pinned Enemy Unit, the Enemy Unit Attacks at Initiative 1.10) Should your Unit begin 1” away from the Enemy Unit in the Movement Phase, it does not gain the bonus Attack for Charging the Unit.
    Grenades in the Assault Phase

    Grenades are used differently in Assault. Let us take an example of a Frag Grenade being thrown into an Enemy Unit: Frag Grenades are thrown right before engaging with the Enemy in Close Combat. They are specially designed for use when attempting to Engage Enemies behind Cover. Nominated by you, a single model may forgo its Assault bonus to instead throw a Frag Grenade. It has the following profile: R:G6" S:4 AP:6 T:A1, Blast, Pinning. For each Wound suffered from the Frag Grenade Attacks, the Enemy Unit must pass a Pinning Test with a -1 modifier. If the target Unit fails its Pinning Test, all bonuses gained when receiving a Charge while in Cover are negated. Both Attackers and Defenders engage according to Initiative value as if there was no Cover. If the Defenders are not in Cover, their Initiative is reduced by -1 for every casualty suffered from Frag Grenade Attacks.On a related note, the ruling for Defensive Grenades is not changed, they work as they did, but the difference is that they may be lobbed at an enemy right before they Charge. Done this way, for instance a Photon Grenade, it has the following profile: R:G6" S1 AP- T:A1, Blast, Pinning. They negate the bonus Attack from Charging even if no models are Wounded, but have a chance of Pinning the Enemy as per the Pinning Test ruling.EMP Grenades: May be thrown against Power Armour and other mechanised armour. It has the following profile: R:G6" S:- AP:2 T:A1, Blast, EMP Shockwave. The EMP Shockwave neutralises the circuitry of advanced power suits like the Power Armour of the Space Marines, the Crisis Battlesuits of the Tau and even Necron Warriors, preventing them from functioning at all. On a roll of a 4+ the target becomes Wounded. In addition, the unit becomes Pinned and in Close Combat, models that are Hit, Attack at Initiative 1.Melta Bombs have the Melta Special Rule, meaning that they roll 2D6 for the purposes of Armour Penetration.Fusion Bombs have the Fusion Special Rule, meaning that they roll 2D6 for the purposes of Armour Penetration, and inflict AP1 Hits.Grenades and Bombs may be used against Vehicles without WS in Close Combat, automatically Hitting.
    “This essential victory, is only lost once the hearts of men turn against themselves. As long as we live, we should remain true and pure, so no matter what force, we shall not bow to them!”-the convictions of the Archinquisitor Dettreya, in the face of the insurmountable odds of battle

    Morale Check
    Should a Unit suffer Wounds from Ranged Attacks, it has to pass a Morale Check or Fall Back, rolling 2D6 equal to or under its Leadership value, with a -1 modifier for each Wound suffered. The same is done for Close Combat, with the exception that the total Leadership modifier is the difference in the amount of Wounds inflicted.

    "Doesn't the whole world seems to move under your feet when you are in one of those damn Raiders?"
    -comment from an Imperial Guardsman who had the rare honour of riding a Land Raider in the accompaniment of the Ultramarines 1st Company. It was noted that this was the equivalent of a freak accident according to the Terminators.

    Bailing Out of Open-Topped Vehicles: As it is much easier to bail out from an Open-Topped Transport, the Strength of Hits inflicted on passengers by exploding Open-Topped transports is S3, AP-.

    Destroyed - Explodes: The Vehicle is destroyed, as its fuel and ammo detonate, ripping it apart in a spectacular explosion. Flaming debris is scattered D6" from the Vehicle, and models in Range suffer a Strength 4, AP6 Hit.

    Effects of Damage Results on Passengers, Destroyed - Explodes: The Unit suffers a number of Strength 5, AP5 Hits equal to the number of models embarked, treated just like Hits from Shooting. The surviving passengers are placed where the Vehicle used to be and then take a Pinning Test with a -1 modifier for each casualty suffered.Tank Shock: If an Enemy Unit other than another Vehicle is reached (including an model in an Artillery Unit), the Unit must take a Morale Check and will immediately Fall Back if it fails it. The unit Falling Back is required to take Dangerous Terrain Tests.Vehicles attempting to change direction when Moving has to pivot, and each pivot of 90 degrees spends 1" of total Movement.

    To damage Vehicles, determine the Facing you are Hitting, either its Front Armour, Side Armour, or Rear Armour. Roll D6+ your Weapon's Strength, and if it is equal to the Vehicle's Armour, it deals a Glancing Hit, dealing 1 Wound,. If it is a Penetrating Hit, for each point above the Armour of the Vehicle, it suffers 1 additional Wound lost. An AP of 1 causes a Glancing Hit to become a Penetrating Hit, and a Penetrating Hit to be increased by 1 point.
    "I have thus come with the Weapon of the Gods! It is hefty, laced with poison, delivers flaming attacks, and has impetus! On top of that, it is mastercrafted by God Himself! Best of all, it has God's signature on it!
    -a flagellant's mad ravings about a tool he found lying on the ground. It was placed there by young pranksters with an embellishment titled, 'From God'. The rest of the description is the creative expression of the flagellant.

    WeaponsThe Thunder Hammer is considered a Two-Handed Weapon.Some Weapons have the classification Hefty. This means that they grant a -1 modifier to the AS roll of the enemy for each level of Strength above 3. This is exactly the rule for Armour negation for Strength higher than 3 in Fantasy.Rending automatically Wounds with an AP of 1 when a 6 is rolled to-Hit. Against Vehicles, a further D3 is rolled for Armour Penetration when a 6 is rolled.“In the realm of the great, there is much contention and the lines are not drawn clear as to the comparative standings of those that would hold absolution. For a man, it is imperative always that your spirit be indomitable, your ambition insatiable. Let greatness be your virtue, and solidarity your only recourse, for that thin line that decides the best are held only by the few and rare.”
    -another quote supposedly attributed to Archinquisitor Dettreya, in reference to the questionings of certain motivations behind his actions

    Universal Special Rules:The existing Universal Special Rules have the following changes:Acute Senses: Acute Senses work as they do in base Warhammer 40,000, with the following addition. Upon passing an Initiative Test, the model or Unit is considered to have a 360 degree Facing on all fronts. This is considered when being Charged from the Rear for instance, but is ignored should the Unit be already tied up in Assault.Counterattack: Upon passing an Initiative Test, the Unit gains +1 Attack when receiving a Charge.Hostile Environment Shielding: As there is the existence of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Attacks in the 40,000 millennia, some Armours have the classification Hostile Environment Shielding, which allows them to ignore the effects of such Attacks on an unmodified AS roll. Armours that have this Special Rule includes Power Armour, Artificer Armour, Terminator Armour, and Eldar Armour of all kinds. Armours that do not have this Special Rule never make a Save against such Attacks.Infiltrators: Infiltrators may not be Shot at as long as they do not leave their Cover. To spot an Infiltrated Unit, roll a D6 and add to your I while the Infiltrated Unit does the same. Should you score higher, the Infiltrated Unit is no longer Hidden and may be Shot at or Charged as usual. When using an Auspex, may reroll this Initiative Comparison roll, and as long as the Infiltrated Unit is within Spotting distance, the unit may be Shot at. Morale Checks and Leadership Tests taken because of Shooting or Assaults of Units with the Outflank Special Rule in the first Turn that the Unit arrives from Reserve are considered subject to Suppression Fire. For a Unit that is Outflanking, the Unit counts as targeting the Rear Facing of the Enemy, should they be Facing the Side of the Enemy Unit.Preferred Enemy: Units that have Preferred Enemy towards a certain Enemy Unit always never require worse than 3+ to-Hit or to-Wound.In addition, there are the following new USRs.Fear: Should a Unit Fear another Unit, whenever the Unit is Charged by that Unit, it has to pass a Leadership Test with a -1 modifier to its Leadership value or Fall Back immediately. Should the Unit attempt to Charge the Unit it Fears, it has to pass a Leadership Test with a -1 modifier, failing which it becomes Pinned. Should it fail a Leadership Test with a -1 modifier and then become engaged with that Fear-causing Unit, it suffers from -1WS and -1I. Should the Unit win one Round of Combat against the Fear-causing Unit, the Unit no longer Fears it, and regains its Statistics. Units that cause Fear are certain Special Characters and Monstrous Creatures, or as specified in their Special Rules. In addition, Units that cause Fear do not Fear other Fear-causing Units.Fleet: May Assault after Running.Frenzy: Double the number of the Unit's base number of Attacks. Should the Unit lose a Round of Close Combat, it loses Frenzy. In addition, Frenzied Units always have to Move and Charge towards the closest Enemy Unit.Hatred: The Unit always has to Charge the nearest Enemy Unit that it Hates, as long as it is in Range. It may re-roll failed to-Hit rolls on the first Turn of Combat, should it get the Charge, and gains +1 additional Attack. When having to take Morale Checks or Leadership Tests against a Hated foe, it rolls one extra D6, taking the lowest two scores.Prone Position: A Unit that takes fire from a Pinning Weapon will normally drop and seek Cover. They may not Move in the next Turn, but may fire in the Shooting phase and benefit from a 6+ Cover Save. Some Units may opt to press on through the Enemy fire by taking a Leadership Test. Fearless Units will pass this Test automatically. If they choose to press forward, they will not benefit from ANY Cover for the remainder of the Shooting Phase. A successful Test allows the Unit to Move and fire as normal in their next Turn. A failed Test will cause them to Go to Ground against orders; they will not be able to Move nor Shoot during their next Turn.Surprise Assault: The Unit benefits from +1A and +1I on the Charge.

    Miscellaneous RulesStrength, Toughness and Initiative Tests:Strength Tests, Toughness Tests and Initiative Tests; for all these Tests, should the model(s) taking the Test have an S, T or I characteristic that is higher than 5, then they are allowed a re-roll which progressively gets better the higher the S, T or I characteristic. For example when taking an Initiative Test, and the model in question has an Initiative of 6, then he is allowed a re-roll in which he passes the Test should he roll a 1. If he has an Initiative of 7 then he passes the Test on the re-roll should he roll equal or below 2, and so on.Cover Save level:A 6+CS has a Cover Save level of 1 and a 5+CS has a Cover Save level of 2, while a 2+CS has a Cover Save level of 5. The Cover Save level is the degree of Cover provided by the Cover.1+ Armour Save:Some Units may have a 1+AS. A 1+AS is no different from a 2+AS, meaning a roll of a 1 is still a failed Saving Throw, except it is only Penetrated by an AP1 Weapon. Power Weapons negate all AS as usual.

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