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    500 point slow grow campaign list

    hey all i currently am trying to work out a skaven army list for a slow grow campaigb my gaming group are starting up the points limit starts at 500 pts and increases by 250pts every month for the first month my army list is as follows any ideas to change it are most welcome.

    Warlock Engineer with level 1 and talisman of protection
    2 units of 20 clanrats with spears, shields, musicians and standard bearers
    2 units of 20 skavenslaves with shields and musicians
    Warp-Lightning Cannon

    the armies i have to vs vary widely they include all three elven races, lizardmen, empire, chaos, dwarves, ogres and vampire counts

    all help with making this list better are most appreciated as im playing with some skilled players

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    500 point list I just ran

    My advise would be to simply go with this list if you want some fun:
    1 Warplock engineer no upgrades

    25 stormvermin (makes it fun)
    - full command, plague mortar

    30 clan rats
    - full command, shields and hand weapons, plague mortar

    My experience with playing with and against this list is it may be overpowered lol. The plague mortars just destory enemy infantry units. The stormvermin have the armor and strength to stand up to the shrivelled units that remain. Even agaist a dwarf gunline the army was break neck 1/2 and 1/2 till the very end. Invest in some type of weapons team. You could drop the storm vermin and take clanrats and slaves if that's more copeable for you and it will be still just as good. Don't run spears ever. The 6+ parry save and 5+ armor save is far better than any extra attacks you could get.

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