Here is what I have, and I will be assembling and painting over the next two weeks. I am looking for some Positive reinforcement on a serious Skyre/Eshin or Skyre/Moulder army. I am a veteran VC player, and WoC/Khorne 10 years running.

80- clanrats

80- plaguemonks converting to slaves and/or clan rats

12- Rats with Pack Master
6- Rat Ogre pack with two pack masters
2- Rattling Gun pack
2- Warp fire thrower
1- Warp hunters pack/10-20 pieces used as gutter runners.

2- Warlock Engineer
1- Skaven Warlord
1- Ikit Claw
2- warp lightening cannon
1- doom wheel
1- Screaming Bell

1- Hell Pit Abomination

I would appreciate solid feed back! Thanks everyone!

~~Peace and War make Dogs of War~~