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Thread: Skaven Magic

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    Skaven Magic

    Hey, in regard to Skaven spells, both Ruin and Plague, i was wondering what category each spell fell under?
    As each spell in 8th edition seem to fall under a category of different spell types which can be used in different conditions.

    For example, the Plague spell, Pestilent Breathe appears to be a direct damage spell, because it does mention to be fired within casters forward arc, while not discussing the line of sight, is this the case?

    Yet why is this significant? It may mean that some spells(specifically Direct Damage) do not need line of sight, and can therefore be cast over units in the casters forward arc.

    I will further elaborate on all spells on both Skaven Lores.

    Lore of Ruin:
    Skitterleap - Augment
    Warp Lightning - Magic Missile
    Howling Warpgale - Hex
    Death Frenzy - Augment
    Scorch - Direct Damage
    Cracks Call - Direct Damage

    Lore of Plague:
    Pestilent Breathe - Direct Damage
    Bless with Filth - Augment
    Wither - Hex
    Vermintide - Direct Damage
    Cloud of Corruption - Direct Damage, area of effect, does not need Line of sight, nor does in need be cast in the wizards forward arc, as it affects all units within 12"
    Plague - Direct Damage

    The Dreaded Thirteenth - Magic Missile

    Although some more tactically advanced skaven players may have already worked this all out, i have not and require assistance. This issue can up just recently in a game, and that i was planning on making my own skaven battle magic cards.

    Lastly, i was watching a game of a warhammer (Skaven vs New Dwarfs) where a Grey Seer had cast The Dreaded Thirteenth in combat with a unit of Dawrven infantry and skavne slaves, is this legitimate? Furthermore, can other magic missiles do the same such as Warp Lightning, do i need to randomize who is hit?

    Regards, PG.

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    The older spells(like skaven spells), don't have spell types. So they follow the default restrictions and any that is mentions in the spell description

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    Furrie has it right - there is no category that the skaven spells fall into. Simply read the descriptions and apply the results.

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