I thought I would throw a post up here to advertise my local club/shop (to which I am in no way affiliated). Warboar wargaming/paradice games is based in Bromley.

They are split into two floors, upstairs being wargaming tables - warhammer, 40k, AOS, X-wing etc etc whilst downstairs is reserved for board games and roleyplaying games. They've got an extensive library of games that you can take down from the shelf and play.

There's also a small cafe so you don't even need to leave the table to eat!

Alongside this they stock GW products (20% discount), x-wing, kromlech, army painter, board games, MTG etc etc the list really does go on.

Their facebook page is warboar wargaming and they also have a group for arraging games: warboar tabletop veterans.

Certainly worth a look!