30K Charity Event
When: May 15th 10am
Where: Frontline Games
Entry Fee: 5 Canned Good Items
2000 pts
30K Age of Darkness Compositions
Following 40K Codex's will be playable:
Eldar Craftworlds
Dark Eldar
Chaos Demons
Any player using an above mentioned 40K codex will build solely off of a Combined Arms Detachment. No formations will be allowed, to include Decurioun type detachments.
Each army will be typed up, printed and have 2 copies (minimum). One to turn in for the judge and one to keep and show you're opponent.
Given that this is a 30K event, I am not requiring everyone have a copy of the Forgeworld published rule books. 40K Rule books, and 40K Codexes (for players using those armies) will be required by all players. 30K armies will still be built from relevant rule books, but I'm not going to judge how you acquired said rule books.
Each round will score you pts for win (3), loss (1) and draw (2).
Also, you'll judge your opponents list and sportsmanship as follows:
• -1 Never play with this guy again, rude, obnoxious and belittling.
• 0 Ok game, probably forget about it before the day is over
• 1 Good game
As before, extra donated canned goods will earn you rerolls. Each extra item donated will allow you to reroll one dice (no rerolling rerolls).
3 Games will be played. As this is a charity event there will be no prizes awarded. The plan is to have a lot of fun for a good cause. Please let me know if there are any questions.