Doyou want to paint for a living!? Would you like to play games, talkgames, and have fun at work!? White Metal Games is expanding andPainters are NEEDED! We just moved to a larger facility and areseeking 1-2 new painters to expand our current roster. Please notethis is a studio artist position and you will be required to work atour studio during daylight hours, not nights or weekends. For parttime workers, we can work with your schedule but ideally we need atleast 1 full time painter, if not 2.


Ifyou are a miniature painter living in or near the Raleigh area andwould like to be considered as a studio artist for White Metal Games,email me.
[email protected]whitemetalgames .com

Weare involved in Twitch streaming, Patreon, Youtube, and actively filmbattle reports as a team. Also, you get discounts on materials andaccess to our studio to help with your own projects!

WhatShould Be in my Email?
Sendme pictures of your most recent work, or a link to an onlineportfolio. Remember you want to put your best foot forward, so sendthe best pictures you can.

Wealso would like to know a little about you:

Howdid you get into the hobby and how long have you been painting?
Howfast/slow do you paint? How many figures do you finish in a week, towhat standard, and in how much time did it take you?
Doyou have any conversion work/kit bashing experience? Do you have anysculpting experience?
Doyou have a background in the arts, graphic or liberal?

Whatdoes WMG look for in a Painter?

Theideal candidate would be someone local. For the right candidate thatis willing to relocate to Raleigh, the earning potential is over$2000 and goes up from there!

Preferablya candidate would have extensive painting experience and preferablysome experience painting for others. Painters must paint to a highstandard to be considered for our service.

Whoare you to judge my work! You don't know me!”

Greatquestion. Since 2011, I've built WMG into a business that allowed meto leave my full time job to be a full time painter/hobbyist, and nowI employ multiple artists that also work full time on commissionwork. In the first quarter of 2017 WMG grossed just over $70,000 insales. This year is going to be our biggest ever and we are growingevery day.

Infact, work is rolling in faster than we can paint and that's whywe're looking for new brushes for hire to call White Metal Gamestheir studio! Furthermore, we have done extensive research into ourcompetitors, so we know what we're up against.

Thatbeing said, if you don't like having your work constructivelycriticized, this is not the job for you. We will evaluate your workregularly. We will be candid about the quality level and yourturnaround speed, and if your work does not meet our expectations, wewill part ways as friends.

Whatit means to be a 'Pro-Painter'

Pro-Paintedis a term that gets a lot of flak in the industry. We call ourselvespro-painters because we paint for a living. In fact, I've writtenextensively on the topic.

Notevery model we paint is painted to a high standard, just like notevery client we service has a high budget. At White Metal Games weoffer several painting 'levels' to suit every clients needs.

Ourlevels are arranged by precious metals, with Bronze being the lowestand Gold being our 'pro-painted' standard. We also have Platinumwhich is display quality.

Whatwill I be painting? What is the average project size at WMG? Lots ofthings! We paint everything from board games to skirmish games, RPGfigures, and more!

Theaverage project is either a large, low level project (such as 30-40figures at Silver Level) or a smaller number of high level figures(such as between 1-10 Gold Figures). In increasing cases, we aregetting more high level large projects, such as Electrum armies withcharacters painted to Gold Standard and above!

Whatcan I expect to make as a Painter?
Thatdepends on several factors. Depending your speed, experience, andlevel of painting will depend how much you make. So contact ustoday!

Thanksfor your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

WhiteMetal Games