I wanted to go for a themed list that let me use the models I have laying around. I love the named characters in Fantasy, particularly the perks that Festus and Valkia bring to the table, being a highly mobile and killy BSB and a level 3 Nurgle (Nurgle Lore is best lore) w/ what is essentially two permanent spells always on (regen / poison).

So with the coming of the end times and the ability to bring 1250 points of lords in a 2500 point game I present the unholy alliance of Valkia and Festus.


1x Valkia the Bloody

1x Festus Empowered


2x Chaos Chariots w/ Mark of Khorn

23x Warriors of Chaos w/ Full Command / Banner of Swiftness / Great Weapons / Mark of Nurgle


2x Chimera w/ Regen / Breath Weapon

5x Chaos Knights w/ Banner / Musician / Mark of Nurgle / Ensorcelled Weapons


3x Skullcrushers w/ Musician / Banner / Ensorcelled Weapons

Strategy - Turn one move the unit of warriors ten inches while moving Valkia and the Chimeras into a position to charge key targets. At this point the chimeras and Valkia should all still be fairly close together. Festus casts his bound spell to give bubble hard cover to all units within 12". While a cannonball or stone thrower will still ruin her day - most ranged attacks will not. Yes this can be dispelled, but it was more defenses than she had in the first place, and maybe if you are lucky Festus can give her fleshy abundance for a 5+ regen. Turn two - unleash the horde. Hit choice targets with the ludicrously long charge ranges of Valkia and the chimeras. At this point in time the Skullcrushers and Knights should be able to engage as well barring an awful terrain setup. Block of infantry should show up to the party on turn three barring any problems. Once in combat Festus will be targeted but if he survives a round he can regenerate his wounds. Also - using the lore of Nurgle he can potentially buff his toughness up to 6 or even 7 making him pretty damn hard to kill.

Once in combat Valkia should win if you chose a good target, and the Chimeras will hold out barring flaming attacks. Chariots will hit like a brick as well. In short - the army is fast and it hurts.

So yeah! I appreciate any input and look forward to hearing from you! Happy gaming all.