Hi, i am trying to adapt my Tzeentch list to these "Legions of Chaos" times. I have considered using an unkillable lvl4 on disc, an unkillable tzeentch BSB on disk, or a chimera, but my model count ran dangerously low, so i decided against that. Let me know what you would change. My usual opponents are dwarves gunline, VC, High Elves and Bretonnia.

Lvl4 Tzeentch Sorcerer with LoMetal, Chaos Familiar, Third Eye, Earthing Rod, ToPres, EnchShield. On foot with the warriors block. 395 points.

Exalted hero with BSB, MoTz on Daemonic Mount, Scaled Skin, AofDestiny, shield and flail. Riding along the knights. 285 points.
Herald of Tzeentch, lvl2. Joining one of the horror units. 125 points.

CORE: 930 points
Chaos Chariot
3x5 Warhounds
25x Chaos Warriors with MoT, shields, full command and a Banner of Swiftness.
2x10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch.

SPECIAL: 290 points
6x Chaos Knights with MoT, Ensorcelled Weapons, Champion and Standard.

TOTAL: 1998

The idea is charging along the center with side support from knights and chariot, and warhounds acting as chaff or potentially warmachine hunters. I haven't got many warmachine hunters (chimera and flying hero/sorc did that in the past) but I was expecting the increased magic presence to somewhat compensate for that.

I could add some options to this army. Chimera, Daemon prince, several Spawn, more knights and warhounds, 4x ogres with GW, flamers, screamers...