Hey guys, long time no see! I've still been at it with my friends and we're still sticking with our 2400 point margin. I was really happy to see Fantasy release its next expansion and have WoC as its first race to kick things off!

In my original lists I was doing a mix of marks (all but Slaanesh) - basically using what I thought was best for units and their compositions (i.e. Nurgle DP, Skullkrushers, Tzeentch Anvil Block, etc.) in a casual format. We still haven't looked into Comp or anything like that, so with that being said I've been working and playing with a newly revised 'End Times' theme.


Chaos Sorcerer Lord
-Level 4, Mark of Slaanesh, Steed of Slaanesh
Gifts; Chaos Familiar
Items; Dispel Scroll, Charmed Shield


Festus Empowered



Exalted Hero
-BSB, Mark of Nurgle
Gifts; Burning Body
Items; Halberd, Shield, Enchanted Shield



3 Skullkrushers of Khorne
-Musician, Standard Bearer, Ensorcelled Weapons


1 HellCannon



10 Putrid Blightkings of Nurgle
-Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Eternal Flame


CORE UNITS [660/600]

22 Chaos Warriors
-Mark of Nurgle, Musician, Standard Bearer
Items; Halberds, Shields, Banner of Swiftness


1 Chaos Chariot
-Mark of Nurgle


5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Warhounds


TOTAL ~ 2398/2400

I finally gave up the "broken DP Nurge build". I played him in every match and 1 of 2 things was happening. I was either playing him wrong, or I was seeing him more of an extremely expensive combatant than a caster, which really hurt my magic. When I broke him down it freed up a ton of points in which I was able to look into Festus and other HQ choices.

The Exalted Hero is basically a watered-down version of the Unkillable Tzntch BSB. With him in the block of Nurgle Warriors and Festus he of course would have to be Nurgle. The Tzeentch BSB wasn't worth his weight in gold because if you killed the block you killed him.

The Putrid Blightkings was my favorite addition to the army. I love their passive and what they're about, but dear lord they're expensive! I played one game with a unit of 5 only to find out that they need a banner to hit Ethereal. That's why they're all rolling together as one.

I'm still all over the place with my Rare selections. I still believe that 6 Skullkrushers is as good as it gets, but the Cannon adds a little more versatility to my list. I do not like the fact that you have to babysit it though, and that's kind of where the Slaanesh Lord comes into play. Both Lores he wields have quite a bit of range, so he can hang back and do so. (He's also built very squishy.) I know that I have access to the Drones, but again they're not as good as the Skullkrushers (right?).

This list is definitely more Nurgle-themed in compliments to the End Times. I'm aware of all of the changes and army additions, but I do not own or know anything about the Daemons and Beastmen, just that WoC have always had much better units and characters and that we can now summon 100-200 points worth of Daemons.

Let me know what ya'll think!