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    Legions of chaos noob need help

    I play Beastmen so i am going to try the new legions. Any help would be greaty apprsheated (i cant spell) thanks.

    38 gors,adw,mark of khorn,fc. 405pt
    2 chaos chariots.

    29 bestigors fc .378pt

    Skull cannon of khorn .
    5 wrathmongers,champion.285pt

    Wargor bsb beast banner,hv,sh,ramhorn.194pt
    Brayshaman,lv2,jagged dagger.120pt
    Beastlord ,gnarledhide,manylimbed fiend,hv,sh.189pt

    I should be 100 ish points shy of 2000 but dk what to fill gap. Any hep and suggetions are needed and would be apprsheated .

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    Hey, welcome!
    It might actually be better for you, if I moved this to the Warriors of Chaos section - that portion of the site gets a lot more traffic, and has a lot more veteran gamers. I could say that it might have something to do with Beastmen being one of the oldest books in the games, or their inability to win games easily, but hey, this is Legions, we're all friends here!

    As for the list - a lot of what you're probably going to find, is that you rely on the 'WoC' book for the majority of your army anyways, and then spice it up with Daemons and Beastmen. Beastmen have one really solid sticking point, and that's their characters. Not necessarily because Beastmen Characters are the bestmen Characters, but because they have access to some really nasty tricks which work better in a WoC army than they do in their native Beastman army. For example, let me run this one by you:

    Chaos Trolls - regen 4+
    Beastman Bull w/ Blackened Plate
    You have a guaranteed 4+ wardsave now, as anything which negates your Regen, triggers the Plate.

    Bonus points if you field Throgg the Troll King (WoC) to make the Trolls count towards your minimum Core.

    As for why you'll probably leave your Beastmen units in the dust, compare them to Chaos Warriors. Base cost of a Chaos Warrior without any of their upgrades is just 2pts more than a Bestigor, and you gain:
    +1WS, +2I, +1A, +1Ld, and a 4+ save.
    Likewise, Chaos Warriors are Core, and have the option to carry shields, and/or take Halberds so that they're not ASL. Even if you wanted to stick with Greatweapons (you shouldn't) you can atleast back them with a 4+ save while in combat.

    Similar advantages can be had by flicking through the WoC book. For example, for 20pts more than you pay for a single WrathMonger, you can pick up SkullCrushers of Khorne. Combined with their mounts, you're getting:
    M7, -1WS, +3A, Stomp
    Sure you lose the Impact Hits, and the riders are only S4. However, the Juggernauts do get +1S on the charge, and you can give the riders Lances (usually 6pts/unit) for a bundle of S6 on the charge, or give the riders Ensorcelled Weapons (1pt more than lances) for S5 on the whole kit.

    You're not going to want MoK on your Gors, if you want Gors at all. Frenzy isn't worth it on models with such a low leadership - you're only gaining +1A per model across the front, for over 100pts on the entire unit. This is where Chaos Warriors would shine. Sure, you get fewer of them on total, but it's not that big a deal because they have armor and their stats are better across the board.
    Gors do alright as replacement Marauders, but if you're willing to give up 1toughness and 1Movement, Marauders are 1pt less expensive than the Gors. Either unit is ideal when equipped with Shields and either Mark of Nurgle or Tzeentch, to be used as a tarpit. That said, you're hard pressed to find a better tarpit than Plague Bearers from the Daemons book, unless you go for Beasts of Nurgle (also Daemons).

    Also looks like you're a bit heavy on characters. Chaos armies don't really need a combat lord. The points that you spend on that single model could be used to buy more Warriors, Knights, Chariots, or whatever, and those units will probably deal a lot more damage over the course of the game.

    Getting the most out of a Legions list is really about knowing what makes the individual armies so good. You can make utterly cheesed-out armies with Legions, but it's very easy to make a horribly useless list, and very hard to make anything decent. You really have to go through each book and cherry pick not only the best options of each, but also look for rules and items that blend well with the other parts of your army.
    Having taken a Legions list into games before, I've found that it's usually just not worth it. Having to flick through 4 different Armybooks over the course of a game just to figure out how things work (WoC, DoC, BoC, and End Times) is very tedious, and has no real gain unless you go out of your way to break the list. Even breaking the army is a herculean task, because you're going through several books worth of options when writing the list.
    If you do break the list, it's not hard to get people to stop playing against you, because the list can be extremely unfair and also because most competitive-minded people hate 'End Times.' Tournaments aren't too keen on allowing you to use the rules. Those that do, expect to be dominated by the even more broken Elf Legion lists.

    Typically it's better to just play one army. If you like Chaos Warriors, go pick up their army and play that. If you're more a fan of Daemons, go that route. Right now, it's very hard to build anything with the Legions lists and then get it to work on the table.
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