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  1. Imperial Army Lists
    salamanders (Fluffy?)HqVulkan 190PElites5 Assult terminators 200PTroops5 space marines 90P5 space marines 90PFast attack5 Vanguard Veterans with Jump packs andd everyone has th/ss1015PFluffy if possible,i want a friendly list.Iv only started warhammer this yeat
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    HQ Forge Father Vulkan He'stan 190P Elites Terminator assult squad with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shields 200P X5 Dreadnought with Multimelta Close combat weapon 105P Troops Tactical squad with flamer and missle launcher 170P X10 Tactical squad with meltagun and multimelta 175P X10 Heavy...
  3. Dwarf Army Lists
    I need help. I have one army list that my friend made for me with the models I have (I got 2 Battle For Skull Pass boxes), it looks a little like this. Problem is that I get hammered in every battle I've played so far (against Daemons, Wood Elves and Warriors of Chaos) This is the list anyway...
1-3 of 3 Results