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  1. Vampire Counts
    Hi all, So, I've not had a chance to pick up the new army book yet, but I'll be looking to at some point soon. I was just curious, though, as to whether anyone has had a good chance to look through it yet? What did you think? Spread the word to the LO Vampire Counts community! What's good...
  2. Fantasy Community Games
    Hi everyone! As you may be aware, Librarium Online recently had a change of Admin, with KyleT taking over the reigns from Blackhat. You may also be aware that he's trying to breathe a bit of new life into the forums, to make them a little larger and more active. One of the areas that has...
  3. Off Topic
    One of the theories that has not been published in the dialog of Global Warming, is the Mayan Pole Shift Theory in which the north and south pole shift. Albert Einstein agreed that this effect is now going on, and can be responsible for Global Weather change. The theory if correct would make...
1-3 of 3 Results