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  1. Order Army Lists
    I'm playing in a 2v2 tournament this weekend. Here is the list I was thinking of running :\ Stormcast Army Celestant on foot (100) 2 x 5 liberators (100) 1 x 3 prosecutors (100) - 2 hammers 2 x 5 retributors (440) - 2 with starsoul maces Hammerstrike force (120) - allows me to not deploy...
  2. Warriors of Chaos
    Fellow WoC players, I am going to be playing in a 2v2 game this weekend and need some advice. We will be playing 2v2 chosen at random amongst 4 players. When my partner is chosen we will then construct our lists. I could be paired up with either, Woodelves, Orcs, Darkelves, or VC. I am looking...
1-2 of 2 Results