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  1. Hobby Forums
    So I posted here about my return to painting and gaming after over a decade without touching a paintbrush. Since then I've found a gaming group in my hometown and wandered along to see what was going on. After meeting some decent folks down there I've been trying to put together a battle-worthy...
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Hello, I just started playing Eldar a little while ago, and decided it was time to stop collecting and painting and start making an army list. I decided to go with Alaitoc, considering how much I love rangers. My list (so far) is as follows: HQ Farseer, Spirit Stones, Doom, Guide 120 Elites...
  3. Introductions
    Hey, this is my first forum post so please be gentle, I decided to start an Eldar army when I saw the new aspect warriors in WD 300-and-something, but was preoccupied with my Tau army (2500pts, 5 tanks) so i never seemed to get around to it, anyways, Alaitoc looks like an attractive force, and...
  4. Projects
    Hi! I'm Kate :D I'll continue to update this blog with my ToP army, and use this post to link any photos I take. Here's a current image of my army to date: April/May 2008 Guardians & Rangers April 21st May 14th Please feel free to leave comments and feedback. It will help me stay motivated!
  5. Xenos Army Lists
    Ok, so I'm starting off an Eldar army and participating in the ToP - 2nd Company, and I thought that a small list might help me figure out what models to initially get to paint. Guardian Squad: (105) 10 Guardians (80) Starcannon (25) Rangers: (95) 5 Rangers (95) Dire Avengers: (120) 10...
  6. Hobby Forums
    Hey guys - long time no see :) Got sick of painting witch hunters (from about 6 months ago), and after an extended break from painting all together, I've started my own little Alaitoc Eldar army. I've only just started these guys a few weeks ago, and in between going to class and doing...
1-6 of 6 Results