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  1. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    I have 26 days untill the 'Ard Boyz preliminaries and i need help making a very competitive 3000 Point list. I am currently working on a magic heavy list but can't seem to get enough casting dice. If I can't make a suitible Magic list I will try going full combat with two lvl 1's of Nurgle...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    I am getting ready for the upcoming 2500 'ard boyz tourny for 2009. I am up to 2323 points at the moment and dont know what else i should add and what else i may want to switch out in change for another thing. Please reply fast. Here is the list: HQ: Marnues Calgar 265 Armour of Antilochus 15...
1-2 of 2 Results