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  1. Skaven Army List
    Hi, Planning to have a game with a friend (when lockdown rules eased). He plays stormcast with 2x ballista, a stardrake, 9x prosecutors and 3x Vangard palladors plus the rest in small units of foot troops but the units I have named are the ones that I think need to be mentioned for context. I...
  2. Lizardmen Army Lists
    i recently lizardmen and the game whfb itself. i bunch of people in my local gw store just started fantasy and i would like to jump on the bandwagon. i picked up a few miniatures last week here is what i have. skink priest skink cheif 44 skink skirmishers stegadon 2 salamander hunting packs...
  3. 40k Armies
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing the future of spreadsheet-based 40k army list production... Featuring... An all new streamlined UI Seperate Sections for Heavy and Special weapons Space for unit-wide upgrades like chaos god allegiances An improved printer friendly page featuring Seeker84's...
1-3 of 3 Results