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  1. High Elf Army Lists
    Hi all. This is my close combat infantry High Elf army. Please be harsh. I want to win games. My local store is 25% Warriors of Chaos, no Dark Elves and no Wood Elves. I'm thinking the Archmage will go with the Phoenix Guard. Not sure where the Noble should go. Right now, I'm thinking he'll...
  2. High Elf Army Lists
    Hi all. First time posting. I'm starting WFB and am building some options for 2000pt High Elf armies. This thread will be for my shooty army. Please be harsh. I want to win games. All characters go in the massive seaguard unit. Aside from army composition suggestions, tactical tips would also...
  3. Xenos Forces
    Hi all, I am reasonably new to Eldar (have only played 500pt games so far) and am looking to expand to a full army. I have written several lists trying to find a balance between competitive and fun... Mostly competitive... Sooooooo, I need some advice if you are willing to give it, on which list...
  4. Vampire Counts
    Hey there! I am making my first warhammer fantasy army and was wondering if this would be a decent/legal army; 20 crypt ghouls (2 boxes), 5 hex wraiths (one box) and a necromancer? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results