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  1. 40k Rules Help
    Good Afternoon Fellow Gamers, I have a question regarding the assaulting of skimmers. I remember reading somewhere that assaulting a skimmer it was always treated as though it had moved more than 6" (i.e. only hit on a 6) Where is that rule? Can someone provide me with a page number...
  2. 40k Rules Help
    In a recent game my Night bringer was completely surrounded (one model deep around the whole model) by a unit of Thousand sons Marines. My Opponent then Assaulted my Night bringer with a Defiler by moving it's arms so they touched the Nightbringer model. Is this a legal move? Moving the arms did...
  3. 40k Rules Help
    Okay so me and a friend were playing a game last night and i (being a nid player) assaulted a Rhino carrying a squad of plague marines inside, with a broodlord+8 stealer retinue. So needless to say against the rear armour i scored enough hits to penetrate and destroy the vehicle. So this is...
1-3 of 3 Results