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  1. Tomb Kings
    Indeed, you've encountered this thread... And I've encountered this problem... And now I will need your help to solve it! ;) In the Army Book, it says about the Icon Bearer: The problem with these two sentences is that they can be interpreted in two very different ways. The IB can...
  2. Art and Literature
    I'm not sure if this is allowed, in the right place, or whatever so the mods can feel free to berate me or fix my mistakes at their disgression ;) I'm about to finish a Blood Angel Stormlord tank, and I'd like a banner (or two, as I have two banner poles) for it and I'm hoping someone will be...
  3. Hobby Forums
    hi this is me and im currently trying to finish my blood angels successor chapter. i need some advise on what banner i am going to make for my chapter banner bearer. P.S. i also need some tips on banner painting. P.S.S. sorry for my horrible scetching skillz
  4. Hobby Forums
    I am currently in the process of finishing up my blood angels successor chapter and i have a long way to go. I;m going to build a chapter standard bearer and i was wondering what i should make as the design for it. i dont know which one and also if u have any tips on painting banners i would...
1-4 of 4 Results