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  1. Hobby Forums
    I can't decide between fine sand or basing grit. Fine sand option: Citadel Fine Sand. Grit option: Gale Force Nine Fine Basing Grit Now, I'm thinking grit. But, I think sand is perfectly viable too. I will paint the sand/grit onto the base with PVA glue, then seal the top with 1:8 or so...
  2. Wood Elves
    Hey guys, Just picked up a great Eagle model but am having a bit of trouble with the base, am I missing something? I've got the square base, and the vertical plastic shaft, but there's no obvious connection point. JD
  3. Xenos Forces
    I see people basing there models on top of rocks and other stuff which looks cool, making the model higher than other models. I want to base my Lords and Immortals. What do use as the rock(s)? How do you base your models? What ideas do u have? I like converting :act-up:
1-3 of 3 Results