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  1. 40k Battle Reports
    The Space Wolves return to take on the Tyranids. This time it is a Maelstrom of War mission where all objective X cards are up for grabs as the SPOILS OF WAR. Hope you all enjoy, and stay tuned for tons more! Tyranids Vs Space Wolves 1850 Pts Spoils of War...
  2. 40k Battle Reports
    Hey everyone, I am new to the forum here and I just wanted to share some of the batreps my channel does. Please let me know if you enjoyed the batrep, and if you have any suggestions for us. It is a ton of fun making these reports, and I want to ensure I put out the best content I possibly...
  3. AoS Battle Reports
    Hi all, this is my YouTube channel for battle reports. Please have a browse and let me know what you think. I'm fairly new to 8th Edition Fantasy so if you see me and my opponents make mistakes with strategy or rules, feel free to leave...
  4. AoS Battle Reports
    Here is a game I had against a friend last week. I am new to 8th Edition and my friend is new to Warhammer. A group 6-7 of us is trying to learn 8th edition right now. If we have messed up any rules or you have suggestions on strategy please feel free to comment on the video. Me and my friends...
  5. AoS Battle Reports
    Hey all, here is a battle report of match I had against a friend recently. It was a very intense and bloody match, hope you enjoy it.
  6. AoS Battle Reports
    Warriors of Chaos vs. Lizardmen (1500 points) We played a simple straight up battle. His list consisted of a level 2 Skink Priest with 3 High Magic spells (turns out this was illegal), TWO Bastiladons with that very nasty bound magic missile, 30 Temple Guard (Razor Standard), a unit of 8 Cold...
  7. 40k Battle Reports
  8. 40k Battle Reports
    Bike on bike action!
  9. 40k Battle Reports
    After two weeks of trash talking, the time had arrived for these two Xenos armies to go head to head. Parameters Venue: Warhammer World HQ Points: 1500 Game Length: 6 Turns Mission: The Emperor’s Will pg.130 The Battlefield: Vanguard Strike pg.119 Read more:Battle Report - Dark Eldar v Orks
  10. 40k Battle Reports
    Sorry this is a pretty poor excuse for a batrep, it's all from memory and I don't remember exactly what James' list was. So forgive me for that. It was a learning curve for me, trying a list of Tyranids I'd not used before against an army I hadn't faced before. So here goes: The Armies: (1500...
  11. 40k Battle Reports a 1750 point battle between the Eldar and the Imperial Guard. Tank spam vs Flyer spam...
  12. 40k Battle Reports
    ***Urgent Communicatis*** Belial, the Dark City and the Kabal of the Black Hand have struck on the planet Sisilak! Governor Pollus has been abducted and all his family killed. Sisilak has been on the brink of civil war and Pollus has been key to restoring order and normal function to the planet...
  13. 40k Battle Reports a 3500 point battle between the Necrons vs the Eldar.
  14. 40k Battle Reports
    As recorded by Bellerophon, Junior Librarian of the Dark Angels, in conversation with inquisitor Arraway "So tell me why Belial and his group were sent to this planet in the first place, Arraway? It was on the recommendation of the Inquisitorium and from everything I've gathered so far there...
  15. 40k Battle Reports a 3500 point battle report between the Necrons and the Eldar.
  16. 40k Battle Reports
  17. 40k Battle Reports
  18. 40k Battle Reports
  19. 40k Battle Reports
    Vect & Court vs Archon & Incubi Thanks! :present:
  20. 40k Battle Reports
    Thanks! :flag:
1-20 of 33 Results