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beastmen armylist
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  1. Beastmen Army Lists
    Lords Beastlord - 253 Crown Of Horn Heavy Armor Ramhorn Helm Great Weapon Heroes Wargor - 189 Battle Standard Bearer Beast Banner Heavy Armor Wargor - 130 Pelt of the Shadowgave Gorebull - 227 Many Limbed Fiend Gnarled Hide Gouge Tusks...
  2. Beastmen Army Lists
    I'm new to Beastmen and Warhammer, I've played about 4 or 5 games total, all with dark elf and have been doing pretty good with them. No matter how good I was doing with the Dark Elf army I couldn't shake the fact that the RBTs and Black guard were pretty OP, I decided to go with what I wanted...
  3. Beastmen Army Lists
    lord Doombull pelt of the shadowgrave Gnarled hide Ramhorn helm great weapon shield talisman of protection 350 hero Bray-Shamman level 2 chalice of dark rain 160 hero Bray-Shamman level 2 dispel scroll 160 core Tuskgor chariot 80 core Tuskgor chariot 80 core Tuskgor chariot...
1-3 of 3 Results