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  1. Xenos Army Lists
    I've played WH40K years ago with a Grey Knights army. I'm now coming back into the game, and I'm starting with the army I've wanted to since I first discovered WH40k. I'd like feedback on this first 500 points of my Tyranid army. Any constructive critisism is welcome and encouraged. =HQ=...
  2. Imperial Army Lists
    Hello LO commune, I am new to Imperial Guard, and more in-love with fluff and having fun than winning. With that out of the way, I made a close quarters and ranged list according to the models I own so far (excluding the hydras) but I hope to add storm troopers, ogryns and sentinels to the list...
  3. Lizardmen Army Lists
    Hello all; I'm a returning player to WFB (played Orcs in 6th), and a first-timer to lizardmen looking for a bit of advice on army lists. I've got two lists drawn up that I think look good, and would greatly appreciate someone looking at them and telling me which one is the more playable of the...
1-3 of 3 Results