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  1. Xenos Forces
    Not sure if this is the right place for this but anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows a good cheap place to buy Tau bits, I am looking for railguns, from either the hammerhead or broadside kits, the best price I can find is £3 a peice and I need at least 3. Thanks
  2. LoBay
    Looking to buy your bitz / spares. Models, armies and cases. Drop me a PM. Just say what you got, link me to some pics and set your price. All lots considered. Dont be SHY!!!! Have Paypal or can collect from Sheffield / 50 miles radius, Bournemouth and maybe more. Just drop me a message...
  3. General Hobby Discussion
    What are people's experience with various bits sites? I have used E-bay in the past, but I want a few very specific bits and haven't been able to find them all there. Most sites I've found have been in the UK and cost alot of shipping to me in CA. I'm looking for cheapness, preferable, and the...
  4. Hobby Forums
    This isn't really a work in progress as a concept to be explored at a later date. Conversions have barely begun and will sit on my shelf for the most part until my current projects are complete.. Unless I get a converting idea burning a hole in my brain. Just thought I'd share the idea...
1-4 of 4 Results