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  1. Xenos Forces
    Not sure if this is the right place for this but anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows a good cheap place to buy Tau bits, I am looking for railguns, from either the hammerhead or broadside kits, the best price I can find is £3 a peice and I need at least 3. Thanks
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Okay, so this is an experimental force I have ready, but sadly I can't playtest for quite a while (sucks being without my minis X|). That is why I decided to ask for your advice, I really would like to know soonish how well it would work. The strategy is below: The idea is this: All...
  3. Xenos Army Lists
    The Story- A group of friends and I have been dominating every major strategy game in our gaming lifetimes. Around our middle school days we tried our hands at the table top with Warhammer (fantasy) and liked it very much. Sadly as we entered high school we became “too cool” to play warhammer...
  4. Xenos Forces
    I've been interested in expanding my army, and am torn between purchasing the Hammerhead or the Broadside. This got me reading the Codex, and I realized that the Broadside possesses a fantastic 2+ Armor Save, and has one System slot. I understand the "natural" system for the Broadside to take...
1-4 of 4 Results