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  1. Xenos Forces
    Hi, I was wondering which is the best way to equip your Mek Boyz in a Burna Boyz squad and a Loota squad. I was thinking maybe a big shoota for the burna boyz and a custom mega blaster for the Lootas, but im not shure. Thanks, Annubix
  2. Xenos Army Lists
    Planning to do an 1,800 pt tournament (arbitrary) with my family over Christmas break. The armies I might be facing are Eldar, Space Marines, Tau and Imperial Guard. Current List: HQ: [405] Ghazghkull Thraka [225] Wazdakka Gutsmek [180] Elites: [165] 11 x Burna Boyz [165] Troops: [1145]...
1-2 of 2 Results