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  1. High Elves
    Hey all! Quick question about the pointy eared prince. He is listed in the High Elf army book as a cavalry unit, but he is also on a monstrous base. So whats the deal with shooting him if he is in a unit of let's say dragon princes? Can I point 5 bolt throwers at him and pick him off? Does he...
  2. Warhammer Classic
    so I was thinking of starting an all cavalry army, based on a fastmoving, cavalry archer army. The question is: who fields the best light/heavy cavalry, and which army could field a force comprised mostly of light, shooting cavalry. For the life of my I can't decide which army would be most...
  3. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Basically I haven't collected fantasy for ages. Still trying to get my head around the new edition. Always collect to an army lost so here is what Ive got so far. Id like it to be fun but still competitive so advice would be greatly appreciated. =D Chaos Lord @ 390 Pts MoN, Ogre Sword, Armour...
  4. Rules Development
    Give me your Feedback.
  5. High Elf Army Lists
    Regards, I am thinking an army based on the cavalry does, it is a mixture of units that I like and powerful in game. The list does not stop convincing me completely so I ask for help to other general elfs, n_n. That I must change?, since I round it?. Other units? Thanks here is the fist list...
1-5 of 5 Results