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  1. Warriors of Chaos Army Lists
    Ok so the aim of this army was to have solid units which would really dig into combat, problem with this is i'm not the biggest fan of maruders or war hounds =/ So kinda though, yeah all chaos warrior's army! -Wadey, Prince of Eternity- Chaos Lord 210 375 Tzeentch...
  2. Chaos Army Lists
    So, I have a 2000 point list that is as follows. HQ Daemon Prince (Wings, Warptime, Nurgle) 175 Daemon Prince (Wings, Warptime, Nurgle) 175 Elites Dreadnought (Missle Launcher, CCW+Heavy Flamer) 105 Troops 7x Plague Marines (Champ With Powerfist, 2x Melta, Rhino) 256 7x Plague Marines...
1-2 of 2 Results